What is Rei-ki?

· Rei-ki is the ancient art of hands-on healing

· Very easy to learn to help yourself and others

· A boost of Universal life force energy

· Rei-ki assists both "recipient" & "practitioner"

· Is not a religion, working regardless of belief

· You can never overdose, or harm, with Rei-ki


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The Usui Rei-ki Network

· Continues Beth Gray's teaching in Australia

· International non-profit organisation

· 20,000+ graduates trained in Australia alone

· Traditional teaching, complete courses

· Minimum 5 year trained Master Teachers

· Provides ongoing post seminar support


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Upcoming Usui Rei-ki Network Seminars & Events

Starting Seminar/Event Location Master / Teacher
Tue 24th May Reiki II Seminar Brisbane Keven Duff
Wed 22nd Jun Reiki Preview Evening Perth Barbara McGregor
Fri 24th Jun Rei-ki I Seminar Perth Barbara McGregor
Sun 26th Jun Rei-ki II Reunion Brisbane
Sun 26th Jun Reunion Lunch Brisbane
Sun 26th Jun Rei-ki I Reunion Brisbane
Fri 22nd Jul Rei-ki I Seminar Kuala Lumpur Keven Duff
Fri 29th Jul Rei-ki II Seminar Kuala Lumpur Keven Duff
Sun 31st Jul Rei-ki II Review Adelaide
Sun 31st Jul Reunion Lunch Adelaide
Sun 31st Jul Rei-ki I Review Adelaide
Fri 28th Oct Reiki I Seminar Adelaide Sue Lake-Harris

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Newsletters with graduate experiences of using Rei-ki:

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Rei-ki Happenings 27

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