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The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Hot, Hot, Hot!


Brooke Brown, Adelaide, South Australia

One Friday night, when I was working as a cook in a busy cafe, a large salt shaker slipped from my hand into a deep fryer, splashing hot oil (180°F). Instinctively, I turned away and covered my face with my arm. Although my face was saved, my inner arm from wrist to elbow was splashed with hot oil, which immediately started to blister as I ran cold water over the area.

Admitted to Emergency at the hospital, the wound was stabilised but the doctor advised me to see a plastic surgeon, as he was certain I would need skin grafts. An appointment was made for the following Tuesday. Over the weekend, my mother and I applied rei-ki 1 directly and my uncle sent Advanced Level rei-ki 2 over distance intensively.

When I visited the plastic surgeon as scheduled and the bandages were removed, to his surprise and that of his nurse and myself, all that was left of the burn was a faint red mark. This was an inexplicable ‘miracle’ medically speaking, but has given me confidence in the power of healing of the universal life force, expressed via rei-ki, for which I am very thankful.

When your number’s up!


Sivanesan Angamuthu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A 21-y.o. friend was struck by a car and left to bleed by the roadside. When found by the police, he was unconscious, lying in a pool of blood and was admitted to ICU at the hospital with severe cranial damage, a blood clot on his brain, in a coma. His skull had been crushed on the right side and he had a fractured leg and arm and severe bruising.

As soon as I heard the news, immediately I started sending Advanced Level rei-ki 2 over distance. When I visited him in the ICU, it was not possible to touch him directly, so I continued with the distant healing by his bedside. I called on my sister to do likewise and also to send rei-ki 2 distant healing to his family members who were devastated by the results of this hit-and-run accident. After a couple of weeks, he was transferred from the ICU and I continued to visit him in hospital to give rei-ki, which was drawing intense energy through my hands.

Although he was still in a coma, his other injuries were healing well.

Around a month and a half later, out of the blue, I received a telephone call from him. He didn’t know why my telephone number was the only one he could remember on emerging from his coma, although he couldn’t remember my name just yet. As the doctors originally indicated there was a very slim hope of recovery for him, to be at that point with only some difficulty with his memory and a bit of slurring and short attention span, was a great relief for us all.

A year later, Kamarul is almost back to normal, with a metal plate to cover his crushed skull, his leg and arm are both back to full function; he no longer slurs his speech, and is still recovering from his short attention span and has some difficulty in recalling detail. We are grateful for such a positive outcome.

Sue Lake-Harris commences teaching in 2008

Sue Lake-Harris Sue Lake-Harris commences solo teaching of Rei-ki I and Advanced Level Rei-ki 2 seminars for the Usui Reiki Network in 2008, in Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra. The commencement date was deferred, owing to her extensive involvement in Course Design for Professional Practice recognition for CARO (see separate section) during 2006 and 2007 - not to overlook the birth of her two ‘miracle’ sons in the last two years. Sue has invested great dedication in fulfilling her five year apprenticeship in training to teach rei-ki under the guidance of Barbara McGregor, attending seminars in all capital cities of Australia and also London during that time.

Sue has an inspirational story, following recovery from cancer and restoration of torn ankle ligaments during her career as a theatrical trainer/dancer, as well as the reversal of fertility problems. With a sceptical science background and as a former educator, Sue now bears testimony to the extraordinary scope of healing effects rei-ki has brought to her life and her family, as a result of taking rei-ki training at the urging of a friend in 1997. She was also the co-ordinator for the Reiki Training Academy in Canberra 1999-2003, until this mantle was taken on by the current coordinator, Henry Satrapa.

Sue combines an extensive knowledge of natural health principles and therapies, with her experience in teaching children and adults, both scholastically and in professional course design for Australian government departments and businesses. Also trained as a singer and dancer, Sue founded a Theatrical Arts Academy in Canberra several years ago, which she sold last year, before her family’s move to the Lakes District in regional Victoria.

Sue Lake-Harris has a Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education from the University of Canberra (1990), and post graduate training in performance appraisal, counselling and feedback. She was a course developer and presenter for ComSuper for a decade and has been a course developer and facilitator in Presentation Skills for Macquarie Telecommunications (Canberra 2004), guest lecturer at James Cook University Music Education Department (2000) and Education Officer for the Usui Reiki Network since 2003. Sue has practised rei-ki professionally, part-time, from 1999.

We wish Sue Lake-Harris every success in following her teaching path for rei-ki over the coming years, supported by those in the Usui Reiki Network who are dedicated to the preservation of the authentic teaching of reiki and its standards of practice, ethics and metaphysical insights. Well done, Sue!

Happy 90th

Beth Gray at 90 Beth Gray celebrates her ninetieth birthday on April 11, 2008. Send greetings to her c/- San Carlos Elms, 707 Elm Street, San Carlos CA 94070 USA. Beth has given us all in the Usui Rei-ki Network around the world, an irreplaceable heritage in the preservation of the authentic teaching of the practice and metaphysical insights of rei-ki. She is a living testimony to the vitality and longevity which is its gift. Graduates in the Advanced Level of rei-ki 2 are requested to give thanks by including Beth in their distant healing list of priorities.

Professional Development & Rei-ki Practitioners

There has been further progress in the recognition of professional practice standards for rei-ki.

The Usui Reiki Network is a founding member of the umbrella organisation CARO (Council of Australian Reiki Organisations). CARO initially was formed after initiatives from the Commonwealth Government to encourage standardisation of professional practice recognition in alternative health care modalities. There is now broad agreement as to the minimum requirements for professional practitioners to be registered with CARO:

  • Membership of a CARO member organisation – i.e. in our case, the Usui Reiki Network.
  • Training in Reii I and Reiki II (with annual reviews of both). The Usui Reiki Network requires professional practitioners under its provenance to review both training programs several times before commencing professional practice.
  • Current first aid certificate
  • A treatment log book of at least 20 full treatment sessions, of a minimum of 50 minutes treatment time each, with client sign off and brief case notes.
    Or: If you have been in professional practice for a significant period (of at least 18 months) you are required to provide proofs:
  • certified true copies of testimonials provided by at least 10 clients,
  • evidence of when you registered your professional practice (e.g. certified true copy of your Australian Business Name registration).
  • successful completion of the CARO Professional Practitioner Module

In either case, you are required to prove you have current public liability and professional indemnity insurance (Usui Reiki Network can now recommend insurance providers in this regard).

The above are minimum requirements and are transitional. Over the next few years, other training requirements must be completed prior to commencing professional practice, including studying additional units from the national Health Training package, as ongoing professional development activities. A list of requisite units will be provided at a later date.

Sue Lake-Harris has played a leadership role in the development of CARO’s professional practitioner standards and will be offering adjunct training in the Professional Practitioner Module to Rei-ki 2 graduates from the Usui Rei-ki Network in 2008. Sue Lake-Harris has a professional background in training and course design and constructed the PP module in consultation with Barbara McGregor and the CARO Board, (of which she was the Chair from Apr 2006-Nov 2007) and continues as representing the Usui Reiki Network as a board member and director of Training and Development. The Usui Reiki Network has set standards for professional practice at a higher level than the minimum requirements under CARO, so that professional practitioner training and recognition authorised by the Usui Reiki Network will be of the highest standard available.

Hallelujah Chorus


Andrew Downer, London,UK

Imagine having just joined a highly professional choir of eight, to sing at a glamorous wedding in Hampstead, and scheduled to perform the daunting Hallelujah Chorus (usually requiring a large number of singers) and with only 30 minutes rehearsal and a ten minute break before the ceremony!

There I was, towards the end of that rehearsal, when a forty-ish man with a military bearing collapsed on a chair with a thud, sweating profusely and with his eyes spinning – apparently symptoms of Meniere’s Syndrome, which is a degenerative condition of the middle ear, for which he lacked his medication. In such a case, apparently attacks can last several hours, accompanied by ringing in the ears and vertigo. Feeling caught in a Hugh Grant-style movie out-take, I hesitated briefly before offering rei-ki, encouraged by a soprano who was also a doctor, and who said nothing much could be done medically there and then, except to rest for a couple of hours.

The moment my rei-ki hands made contact, he took a very deep breath and visibly relaxed and I could feel the rei-ki energy flow rushing upwards through his neck and into his head. Instinctively my hands repositioned, so the fingers were over his ears and the palms at the back of his neck. There was a hint of mockery from some observers but our very much needed bass chorister remarked ‘actually, it’s helping really quite a lot!

By the time the organ sounded and the bride walked down the aisle, he was still pale but his tinnitus had stopped and his eyes could focus on the music sheet. Despite our reservations, he sang like a dream, not only during the many ‘Hallelujahs’ but also during his stirring solo in the final hymn: ‘Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more’. A fitting end and a reminder to rei-ki people everywhere to overcome your self-consciousness whenever there is such an emergency.



Glenda Charles, Perth, Western Australia

When my eldest son turned 19 he was involved in an industrial accident, when his hand was caught in a guttering machine, severing tendons in his right forearm, mangling the artery and with much nerve damage. As he had rei-ki 1, he managed to free his arm from the machine, grabbed a dirty rag to cover the wound and slapped his left hand over it. He continued hands-on until seen by the doctor in the Emergency Department at the hospital who called in an Upper Limb specialist.

When his grandmother and I arrived, he was awaiting surgery and we both commenced rei-ki for Michael and I continued with distant healing in the Advanced Level rei-ki 2, until he went into surgery late that evening.

He was told to expect to lose at least thirty per cent of his dexterity and strength in the hand. For three months we were visiting the occupational therapist, physiotherapist and medical specialist and in the meantime, continued to apply rei-ki at every opportunity. Six months after the accident, Michael had recovered all his dexterity and most of the strength in that hand and was able to return to work on light duties.

Three years later, he has full strength and dexterity and a faint scar wrapping around two thirds of his forearm. However he did change jobs. He has also returned to playing indoor volley ball – thanks be to rei-ki.

Ski Trips 1


Grace Fitzpatrick, Melbourne, Australia

On a weekend ski trip to Mt Buller (Victoria), my brother was skiing at high speed down a steep slope when the front of one ski embedded in a pothole, stopping him in his tracks and catapulting him high into the air. He landed several metres away on his right shoulder.

After the initial shock, he trudged back to the chalet pale-faced, supporting his right elbow with his other hand to alleviate the intense pain in his shoulder. He said it reminded him of a motorbike accident a decade ago which had left him immobilised for weeks.

Although he had been a ‘rei-ki skeptic’, he accepted my offer of healing, so I gently placed my hands on his injured shoulder. He immediately reported heat so strong it felt like a burn, then, as time passed, the sensations changed to tingling, pulling and pulsing, and numb followed by calm.

During the three-hour car trip home, I placed my hands on his shoulder and after an hour or so, I felt a strong relocation movement in the joint and heard a loud ‘clunk’, which he said was the second time – a rather amazing experience for us both.

The next day he reported his recovery was almost unbelievable – just a slight ache, like a stiff muscle after exercise, but not serious. The day after he felt nothing – no pain, no discomfort, nor restriction of movement in the shoulder – as if the accident had never happened. However his left shoulder, which we had ignored, ached a little, so we dealt with that on the spot.

Ski Trips 2


Chris Boden, Sydney Australia & London, UK

On a week’s skiing trip in France a friend had a hard fall while snowboarding on the first day, hitting the ground hand-first. At the end of the day I found him back at the chalet with his hand in a bowl of snow. Fortunately he had been wearing a hard plastic wrist guard which probably saved the wrist from a fracture, but the impact had pushed his thumb so hard, we feared it could be broken. He was in extreme pain with very limited movement.

Ignoring the jokes of bystanders, I held his hand for a couple of hours, giving rei-ki 1 on the spot and then later in the evening, I sent distant healing with rei-ki 2.

The next day he felt no pain in his hand at the point of impact where he had received rei-ki directly, just a little stiffness further up the arm. As a precaution he did not go out on the slopes that day, but was able to snowboard for the rest of the week without any other problems.

Reiki 2 Retreat in England: August 3-8 2008

The Usui Rei-ki Network’s London centre has arranged a residential Four Day Intensive Healing Retreat at Duncton Mill including a day-trip, in the beautiful South Downs an hour and half south of London. We will be sharing rei-ki 2 in small groups hands-on, for approx. five hours per day morning and afternoon, with evenings set aside for meditation, socialising and top quality dining. Numbers are strictly limited and there are a small number of places left. Enquiries re costs and availabilities Hannah via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or ring (44) 2392 642 453. To view the venue setting, see