About Reiki Master Teacher Keven Duff

Keven Duff 2018

Keven Duff, BA, studied Biomedical Anthropology and Biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and is now resident in Hong Kong, teaching Rei-ki in Asia, the USA, and Australia.She specialises in advanced forms of bodywork and is a certified NLP and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. Some years ago she also completed Nutripuncture Certification (France), and is a Nutripuncture Teacher. Ms Duff has been practising Rei-ki since 1991 and completed a five year Rei-ki teaching apprenticeship in Asia and Australia with Barbara McGregor in 1996.

Barbara McGregor trained Keven Duff as a Rei-ki Master. All Usui Rei-ki Network Master Teachers serve a minimum 5 year apprenticeship working with their mentor before commencing teaching in their own right.

Keven Duff currently teaches in the following centres: Brisbane, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, San Francisco.



Upcoming Seminars & Events with Keven Duff

Starting Event For Details see Centre
Tue 11th Feb 2020  Free Introductory Lecture Singapore
Fri 6th Mar 2020  Reiki I Seminar Singapore
Tue 10th Mar 2020  Reiki II Seminar Singapore
Tue 17th Mar 2020  Free Preview Evening Brisbane
Fri 20th Mar 2020  Rei-ki I Seminar Brisbane
Tue 24th Mar 2020  Reiki II Seminar Brisbane

Graduates Say

Warm, totally organised, totally honest. A very caring, knowledgeable lady. Very easy to learn from her.

Pamela VK

I found Keven to be extremely gentle, loving and very caring. Her knowledge was profound and the inspiration which she delivered to her students is something I will never forget.

Toni M

Wonderful. Very warm caring person. You can tell she has a lot of love for everyone. She has great knowledge and no question was a problem for her.

Pia G

Very uplifting. Keven is extremely knowledgeable, very interesting smooth way to impart tons of information of valuable nature. Thanks Keven. What an experience!

Rosemary L

She was fantastic, very knowledgeable and I related to her science background.

Kerri M