About Reiki Master Teacher Sue Lake-Harris

Sue Lake-Harris circa 2008

Sue Lake-Harris, Dip. Teach. and B. Ed. from the University of Canberra, has extensive teaching experience with both children and adults.Commencing Reiki in 1997, including professional practice from 1998, she completed 5 years Reiki teacher training with Barbara McGregor in 2007. Sue was chosen by the Council of Australian Reiki Organisations Ltd (CARO), to design and develop a professional practice training programme, which has been adopted nationally by CARO member organisations. Sue remains the Usui Rei-ki Network's representative on the Board and Council of CARO and is heavily involved in training standards development.

Barbara McGregor trained Sue Lake-Harris as a Rei-ki Master. All Usui Rei-ki Network Master Teachers serve a minimum 5 year apprenticeship working with their mentor before commencing teaching in their own right.

Sue Lake-Harris currently teaches in the following centres: Adelaide, Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Tasmania.



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Graduates Say

The depth of knowledge & the instant energy flow from the first attunement was amazing & showed me how genuine and connected Sue & the organisation is.

Jennifer H

Excellent, informative, compassionate.

Andy M

Sue has amazing knowledge, insight/intuition and is a great presenter.

Catherine P

Extremely informative. Excellent.

Gerry G

Awesome, her skills are phenomenal - knowledge exceptional; sensitivity to people remarkable; ability to put other people at ease fantastic; teaching skills top knotch.