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80 year old growing stronger


Judy Tay from Singapore

Before taking up Rei-ki in October 2000, I was in weak health, always felt very tired and was suffering from chronic pain in my body for no reason. Immediately after the Rei-ki I seminar weekend, I felt a brand new me: every day. I am so energetic, even my mother, friends and colleagues see the difference and ask what have I done to my health.

Whenever the opportunity came, I tried to persuade my 80 year old mother to attend the Rei-ki I seminar. She refused flatly, saying that it will be a waste of money because there won't be many years for her to benefit fully from the 'expensive' course. I had to explain to her that we should be looking after her quality of life.

She had been suffering from a weak heart, diabetes, and high blood pressure for 30 years and could not walk out of the apartment block without her walking stick, because of water retention in both legs and feet. So I have been giving her Rei-ki every evening for two solid hours. Sometimes she would feel the energy flow in the area where I gave her Rei-ki and, each time, she would tell me that she feels more energetic and also she can walk better if I give Rei-ki to her legs.

After 15 months of persuasion, eventually she agreed to attend the Rei-ki I seminar herself. I felt very happy for her, even though she would be attending the seminar for two and a half days without understanding any English except words like 'thank you' and 'good bye'.

I registered both my mother and sister for the upcoming class, counting off the days to come for Keven Duff to conduct the class in February 2001. The venue staff provided a wheel chair for my mother to attend the seminar room. She happily slept half the time in class, enjoying being given Rei-ki by many Rei-ki helpers. "Thank you, Everyone". Even in the middle of the seminar, my mother felt very well and alert after so much Rei-ki, and the people there also saw the radiant glow in her face, and her eyes were very much alive. Towards the middle of the second day in the seminar, she could walk to the ladies room without assistance or walking stick. Everyone is so amazed by the magical change.

In the three months following her Rei-ki I seminar, my mother's insulin levels have greatly improved and her blood pressure is on the way down.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 18

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