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A Friend in Need


Lynne Jones, London, England (UK rei-ki co-ordinator)

Returning home abuzz from our most recent very inspiring rei-ki seminar in Chelsea, I was prompted to clear my emails, although late in the evening.

Just as well, as a friend's husband was extremely ill after returning from a week's diving in the Red Sea off Egypt. His voice on the phone when I rang was barely recognisable, even though we have been friends for decades. With my training in naturopathy and aromatherapy, I drew up a list of remedies to arrange for delivery, which would take a day or two, but meanwhile I could send distant healing via Advanced Level rei-ki, which I promptly did whilst relaxing in front of the television. The energy flow in my hands was very strong in what we term the first position, so that is where I stayed (over the diaphragm area, liver, spleen etc).

Two mornings later, my friend rang to thank me for the remedies, sounding quite recognisable although still weak. On enquiry, he said he felt much better the morning after our first phone conversation, although he had been asleep when I was sending Advanced Level rei-ki (which works just as well when the subject is sleeping). Better still, he was able to eat a bit, after now being able to eat for nearly a week. He continued to improve as I sent more rei-ki and he took the remedies provided. As they live an hour's drive away, I blessed the gift of being able to send Advanced Level rei-ki from afar in emergencies such as this.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 26

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