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A Personal Best


Henry Satrapa, Canberra, ACT, Australia

A few years after I first trained in rei-ki, when I was a bit younger and much fitter, I used to go jogging and cross country running in the bush through Molonglo Valley, near where I live. One of the things I used to do was to compete against myself. I would often jog to the same hilltop and from there back home, trying to better my PB (personal best).

One day in the early morning, I was speeding over rough ground near that particular hilltop and momentarily didn't look where I was putting my feet. Of course I stepped on a loose stone, which went from under me, and I twisted my ankle badly. It was so bad, I couldn't put my foot on the ground. What to do? I was miles from home and nobody knew where I was - I used to vary where I ran quite a bit, so I wouldn't get bored with the same route all the time.

So I took off my boots and already my ankle was starting to swell. I clamped both my hands around the ankle and rei-ki'd it for about half an hour. In that 30 minutes the swelling went down and the pain almost disappeared, so I put my boot back on and walked to the top of that particular hill. For some crazy reason I decided to jog home, instead of walking carefully.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that I had done a PB. I took off my boots immediately on my arrival home and again rei-ki'd my ankle for an hour. This resulted in all pain ceasing and my ankle swelling disappeared. Who could believe that I had so badly twisted my ankle in Mongolo that I had been unable to put my foot on the ground.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 26

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