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Baby talk with rei-ki 2


Chrissie McMaster, Brisbane, Qld Australia

My friend's 17 months old baby grandchild screamed every time she was taken near water, whether it was a bath, a shower, or even the laundry tub. Swimming was out of the question as was a visit to the beach. Getting the little one clean had become a torment, and she was just being sponged. The problem had begun about a year ago but no-one knew its origins.

I offered to send some rei-ki 2 Advanced Level healing to her over distance, and received a message telepathically from the baby that someone had tried to drown her one night, to stop her from crying. Apparently the young parents had left her with an unsuitable babysitter one evening, when she was five months old.

During distant healing with rei-ki 2, I asked of the baby girl what she needed to heal, and the response was "Reassurance from my grandmother".

My friend immediately set about giving this, and they had a bath together that night and splashed and played together for the first time. A week later my friend reported that the mother had given the baby a bath, because the child actually asked for it, and then another time mother and daughter had a shower together - which was just as well, as the family was about to move into a new house where there was no bath.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 24

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