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Computer hard-drive resuscitated


Peter Pusic, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

Drawing of a desktop computer My son, Marc, has worked in the computer industry for a decade and is confident in his technical command but ironically, had neglected to backup all of his files on his home computer. When he was attempting to carry out what is known as a 'raid array', i.e. merging two hard drives to operate as one, he was greeted with the screen message: 'primary hard drive failure'. After about ten attempts to re-boot the computer, he gave up. All his files were gone to data heaven and I never imagined that my boy could curse with such venom. A call to his computer engineer mate, Aaron, only confirmed what he had dreaded.

While Marc was dealing with his computer karma, I discreetly performed rei-ki II over one of the hard drives. A minute or so later, I handed it back to him and told him he had nothing to lose, so why not try it again? Convinced that this would be a waste of time, Marc reinstalled the drive and re-booted the computer. Whilst I really did not expect anything miraculous to take place, to our mutual amazement everything was restored to normal. Aaron was incredulous. He said it was an impossibility. Apparently not for rei-ki!

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 19

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