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Dialysis Turnaround


Brad McDougall, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

I have suffered from Type 1 diabetes all of my life (35 years). In June/July 2000, I was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. My kidneys were only working at 15 percent and declining fast. I was referred to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and in November underwent access surgery for peritoneal dialysis (PD). I began dialysis on Jan 3, 2001, and while the dialysis made a stark difference to the way I felt over time, it wasn't until I came into contact with the rei-ki that my condition truly changed for the better.

Through the help of some friends who brought me along to the free introductory seminar in September, I signed up and became a rei-ki channel myself. Since that remarkable weekend a lot of things have changed for the better. I now feel as good as I did before the effects of kidney failure. My most recent blood examinations showed that everything was in the normal levels bar one thing, the parathyroid gland, in the neck, and it was no surprise to me as this was the only area that I hadn't been putting my hands on.

The next major change that I noticed in my life was that I had the sensation that the things I was thinking started to happen. Due to the kidney failure, I have been on the transplant list, for a kidney and a pancreas transplant, since March 2001. The average waiting time is about four years. On my last visit to hospital I just wanted to know where I was on the list, and how far I had to go. I walked into the specialist's office and was told that I was on the top three recipient candidates, and to pack a bag as the call could come at any time.

Since taking rei-ki so many important things have gone my way, not to mention all of the wonderful people with whom I have come in contact, some of whom I was drawn to during our seminar, and one particular person is very special to me. Thank you everybody in the Usui Reiki Network for the opportunity to follow my true path in life.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 19

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