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Distant blessings for 81 yr old in Brazil


Elvira Divina Mazzinga, Perth, WA

My 81 y.o. mother, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, developed diabetes 25 years ago. For the last ten years she has had problems with blood coagulation and thrombosis in her legs. So I have been searching for natural therapies to complement the medical treatments she receives, which led me to rei-ki.

Eighteen months ago friends were helping me by sending Advanced Level Rei-ki 2 over distance to her. After taking this training myself six months ago, now I can help her with absent healing from Perth, Western Australia, and I do every single day. Since then, every time she visits her medical specialists they ask her what is going on, as her health is improving.

Also, rei-ki has helped me in my personal life, with my family and a range of people who have come to me asking for help. Thanks to God for all these blessings.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 24

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