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Rajnes Ganeson, Singapore

When my elderly mother suffered a heart attack she was rushed to hospital and whilst in the ambulance, developed a mild stroke. I was in the ambulance with her and applied Rei-ki II hands-on. She fell into a deep sleep, which gave me a fright as I thought perhaps she had passed on. However she woke up and had an asthma attack.

When she was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit, I was informed that she required a 'balloon' to be inserted, and I sent Rei-ki II in absentia throughout this time. After five days she was discharged, and flew off to visit relatives in Australia! She is now doing well and does not require an operation. She loves to have my 10 year old daughter give Rei-ki I hands-on to her legs and feet.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 22

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