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Faith, hope and miracle for Great Dane


Kevin Watt, from Stewart’s River, NSW, Australia

My 8 year old daughter had pestered me, literally for years, to buy her a Great Dane. The eldest had her dog, the next had her horse or three, and now a Great Dane was in demand for the third daughter.

Now a Great Dane is not usually a good idea, but as we live on 100 acres, it was not expected to be a problem. The road is gravel with very few cars approaching, but sure enough at the age of about six months she was hit by one of our infrequent passing cars. It was immediately visible that she had two breaks in her near side hind leg. Dutifully we took her to the vet for the expected cast. Not so simple.

X-rays (which we still have) showed the growth plate had been separated from the leg and could not reattach without surgery and only specialist veterinary surgeons from Sydney University four hours drive away could perform this expensive operation, with a limited chance of success.>

A family meeting unanimously decided we would forgo the surgery and rei-ki the growth plate instead. Now a Great Dane puppy will only keep still for a short time, even with a broken leg. Although our two eldest daughters had Rei-ki I hands-on whenever possible, we assessed the time we needed hands-on would be impossible with this highly active and large puppy.

My partner, Cheree, and I used Rei-ki II absent healing on her for weeks at every opportunity. Six months later, the breaks had mended and the leg that had been broken is now the same length as the others, in spite of considerable overall growth in that period. So our little girl has her dog back without any deformities.

Tasha the much loved Great Dane is so sound she runs with the horses on 20 kilometer long trail rides, without noticeable difficulty. Rei-ki had done the impossible, or at least the improbable.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 18

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