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Fires Burning


Barbara McGregor, founder and governing director of the Usui Reiki Network International.

Barbara McGregor circa 2003 In many parts of Australia we have had the worst fires in living memory, conflagrations which have destroyed hundreds of homes and randomly taken innocent lives. With it have come countless acts of unheralded courage and selfless neighbourliness, reminiscent of stories of wartime blitzkrieg. Why is it that it takes the worst of times to bring out the best in us?

From a metaphysical perspective, must those in ‘safe’ societies and countries experience the kind of devastation which, in other parts of the world, may be visited upon ordinary folk by the wilful acts of powerful men? Do we need reminding that every human life is precious and irreplaceable and our homes our most sacred possession!

A recent documentary revealed that, at the current rate of clearance, it will take 1,000 years to clear all the landmines lying just below the surface of today’s untrodden ground in many parts of Africa, Europe and Asia. In these acutely flammable times, many folk in the Advanced Level of Rei-ki have been sending healing energy in response to firestorms; others regularly send the light to support decisions for the highest good in the corridors of power.

If you are already practising Rei-ki 2, please make the commitment to an hour’s distant healing meditation for World Peace and Harmony, every day. (After all, you will receive an hour’s benefit for you as well.)

If you have not yet progressed to the Advanced Level of Rei-ki, please consider taking that step at the next opportunity, not solely for the good you can contribute in the healing of yourself, your family and friends but because it is truly the time for a quantum leap in consciousness in our troubled world. Please invite your friends to share the enlightenment of rei-ki with you.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 21

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