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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

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First Aid for exercise strain.


Adrienne Lohmeyer, South Australia

My husband and I spent a weekend completing maintenance on the family holiday shack on the Murray River. For over five hours on the Saturday, I undercoated and painted the walls of the bathroom.

By that night my entire right arm, including the shoulder, throbbed and ached so severely that I could expect no sleep. So I began reiki on my forearm and within 10 minutes the pain had reduced to almost nothing. After 20 minutes I switched to the elbow, and then my shoulder joint, for 20 minutes each, and then fell asleep. Next morning I had no stiffness anywhere in the arm, and was able to complete several more hours painting with no ill effects.

On another occasion I noticed a sharp sensation in my right thumb, while driving to give a rei-ki treatment to a friend. It was from a deeply lodged splinter, visible as a shadow under the skin. The painful area, about 2 cm, was red and swollen, and particularly sore when touched. I ignored the discomfort while I gave the one hour treatment, shared the cup of coffee and a chat, and then set off home. At home, I realised I had felt no pain in the thumb while driving. Checking it, the redness had reduced to barely 1 mm and the swelling had gone. The simplest and most pain-free splinter removal I have ever experienced.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 20

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