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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

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First Aid on the Job


Hayden Bold, from Currumbin, Queensland, Australia

It was time to repair our paling fence. In the process of replacing the palings, I decided to use star screws rather than nails. I was merrily replacing the palings with the assistance of our older daughter, when the drill slipped in my hand and the drill bit went into the nailbed on my third finger of my left hand.

The bleeding started immediately. I placed the drill down and started to Rei-ki the finger; however the bleeding did not stop. After a minute I felt something was wrong, then remembered a story regarding bleeding which Barbara McGregor mentioned in London, so I looked at the injury more closely. I pushed at the bottom of my finger with my thumb and out came a sliver of metal. As soon as the metal was out and I started to Rei-ki the finger again, the bleeding stopped. Within a few minutes I felt no pain. I put some plaster on the finger and continued to finish the fence. As a Rei-ki II, I was able to work with Rei-ki in absentia while I continued to complete the work.

Approximately one week later, I was talking to a nurse neighbour and mentioned the story. He looked at the injury and did not believe it was only a week old. He observed that it appeared to have happened 4-6 weeks back.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 18

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