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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Head-On Collision


James Mills, Brisbane, Qld Australia

My little brother and I banged our heads together, as testosterone fuelled young men tend to do. My immediate thought was to rei-ki the area, to prevent swelling and hasten the healing process, so I put my hands on my head pronto. My mother's instinct was to apply a cold pack of ice for my brother. After ten minutes, I was sweating with the heat of the rei-ki on my forehead, but the bruise and lump had completely gone. After the same amount of time with the traditional ice pack, my younger brother was still in pain and there was a big discoloured lump on his forehead. At that time, my mother would not let me rei-ki him, but now she knows better and so do I! No more head butting.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 26

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