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Helping hands for extreme pain


Precious Joy Gordon, London, UK.

Last year a Mrs Mason sought my help after suffering weeks of severe tension headaches and pain throughout her whole body, which painkillers had not improved over the last fortnight. She was also on medication for high blood pressure, never ending joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis (worse in her right knee) and suffered poor sleep, constant tiredness, poor blood circulation and loss of appetite.

When I first opened my door to Mrs Mason, who was physically supported by her friend, I must admit I was nervous. She was looking very grey and appeared on the verge of collapsing. I checked that she had consulted her doctor about her symptoms before I explained what the rei-ki treatment involved.

When I started the hands-on rei-ki treatment, the energy around the front and sides of her head felt very hot, tingly and heavy while the back of her head felt icy cold. After 30 minutes the energy flow was free, light and warm. I then proceeded to cover the basic areas of her body plus extra rei-ki attention to her knees. The first treatment lasted 2 and a quarter hours and Mrs mason responded well, departing with a smile. She arrived at the second of five more weekly sessions smartly dressed, wearing lipstick, and said she felt like a new woman!

Here are Mrs Mason's comments about her rei-ki treatments:
"It was remarkable. It took away many of the pains I used to feel in my body. There has been a vast improvement in my overall health from the time I received the first rei-ki treatment. I have been sleeping well all nights, my blood pressure has gone down and my doctor reduced the strength of my medication. I feel 100 per cent improvement in my whole body. What a wonderful relief.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 24

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