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IVF Not required


IVF Not required by Jennifer Briggs, Brisbane, Queensland

After two years of trying to conceive, my husband and I were both upset at our apparent infertility. After investigative surgery, I was told that I could not conceive naturally as my tubes were blocked and damaged, made worse by having Endometriosis and Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Medical advice was that it would be dangerous to continue trying to a baby naturally and recommended IVF if we wanted to have our own children. My husband and I were both devastated by this news but began saving for IVF.

Around this time I came across the Usui Rei-ki Network at a health festival in Brisbane, and after a ten minute experience of rei-ki for the first time, enquired about further treatments. It was my good fortune to receive two complimentary treatments from the Brisbane co-ordinators in their own time, and I then decided to take the rei-ki I course myself so that I could continue the healing experience, but had to wait another six months for the next course.

In the meantime, about four or five weeks after my first rei-ki treatment, I discovered that I was pregnant and my baby was not 'stuck' in my tubes. My husband and I, and our whole family, were thrilled everything was in the right place.

As at the time of writing, I am six months along with a healthy baby wriggling around in my tum. I have completed the rei-ki I course and give the baby two hands-on sessions a day. The baby moves to position herself under my rei-ki hands and has a wriggle.. It is so beautiful.

Rei-ki has brought me a wonderful gift.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 24

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