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Kids Enjoy Rei-ki Too


Sarah Bailey and Lottie Butler, Surrey, England

We want to thank the teacher and the co-ordinator for our weekend rei-ki I seminar. We had a brilliant time and learnt more there than we ever did in biology! It was a really nice atmosphere. We had been a bit worried about it because we would be the only children, but everyone was approachable and kind. We've been using rei-ki a lot. It's hard to find time for the horses but when we do, they really enjoy it, though they try not to show it. Pebbles always sways from side to side when receiving rei-ki, and Foxy nods off, while Barney is in too good health to notice. When watching television we do some rei-ki on the dogs and cat. They love it - we don't know what the guinea pigs and rats think! Our teachers sometimes question us because we rei-ki ourselves in their lessons and are continually relaxed. So thank you, very much, for this brilliant gift.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 20

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