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Evelyn Chong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

image Three months after graduating from Reiki, I made my first trip to Nepal, to receive some Buddhist teachings and blessings. Upon arrival at Katmandu, one of the head monks was desperately looking for painkillers to relieve his severe headache, which he had for ten days.

A fellow visitor suggested that I might give him a rei-ki first aid treatment, and although I felt over-awed, this senior lama accepted the suggestion. So right there in front of a campfire, I rei-ki'd his head. On the painful right side it was pulsating under my hands and, after 20 minutes, it subsided. Although his pain had lessened, I asked to keep my hands on his head for another 10 minutes. Suddenly I experienced a sharp sensation from my throat right down to my stomach, and then further, as though I needed to go to the toilet. Having dismissed it in the way we are taught in our rei-ki class, I asked the lama if he had digestive concerns. He confirmed that he had liver and stomach problems and could not hold his food for long. Wow! I was pleased with the diagnostic information.

Seated next to him was another senior monk, who said that it was his turn next! His eyes had been painful, coupled with a headache, for some time, and medicine and eye drops had not helped much. So I found my hands on another cleanshaven head. When there was not much energy drawing there, I decided to go to his eyes, and the right eye felt as if it was about to pop out! When the rei-ki pulsations slowed down I asked him how he was and he said 'Much Better', so again I asked to continue. Then I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, and thought, 'It can't be mine as I was just standing there!' I dismissed the pain, and later he confirmed that he had consistent lower back pain for a few years!

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 26

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