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M.S. doldrums relieved with rei-ki


Vernon Lewis, Bellevue Heights, South Australia

When I chose, very abruptly, to commit to do the Usui Rei-ki Network's course in Adelaide, I was having a very ordinary time of things: my marriage was extremely shaky (almost as bad as my legs), I was in a financial mess with little prospect of improvement, my emotional state was nearly as bad as it had ever been and my relations with my children were much less than desirable. The car I was driving had given up the ghost and it was only the generosity of some friends who provided me with transport other than my shaky legs which allowed me to get around.

My situation since taking rei-ki is that my marriage is much stronger and clearly improving as time passes and I maintain the very positive attitudes and supportive activities which were always needed. The Multiple Sclerosis which has been the bane of my life for 11 years is rarely in my consciousness, as the symptoms which remain are what many non-diagnosed people would accept as being normal. I am now emotionally stronger than I have ever been in my life, even though I frequently find my eyes 'leaking' in particularly emotional situations, such as my mother's funeral. I have a full time job at which I am becoming more and more competent. The need to use public transport to the city often sees me running to catch a bus or tram. Also, I have another job which has been occupying considerable energy of late since it is a group leader for the Census.

There are a number of related causes for this remarkable set of changes, perhaps the most important being my completion of the rei-ki course, when it was suggested I consult a naturopath. My wife made an appointment for several months later. Three days after the completion of the course I was contacted by the naturopath with a cancellation for the following weekend. I have followed the naturopath's advice and homeopathic remedy regimes as well as my own application of rei-ki to myself and others within the network.

Another constant has been the discovery of a very profound Christian faith which occurred about twelve months ago and which has been supported by the spirituality of my practice of Reiki. While life still has its challenges, it is now always full of joy and a confidence in the future. I am always thankful to my wife for motivating me into going to the rei-ki seminar. She has benefited almost as much as I have.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 19

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