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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

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Glenda Charles, Perth, Western Australia

When my eldest son turned 19 he was involved in an industrial accident, when his hand was caught in a guttering machine, severing tendons in his right forearm, mangling the artery and with much nerve damage. As he had rei-ki 1, he managed to free his arm from the machine, grabbed a dirty rag to cover the wound and slapped his left hand over it. He continued hands-on until seen by the doctor in the Emergency Department at the hospital who called in an Upper Limb specialist.

When his grandmother and I arrived, he was awaiting surgery and we both commenced rei-ki for Michael and I continued with distant healing in the Advanced Level rei-ki 2, until he went into surgery late that evening.

He was told to expect to lose at least thirty per cent of his dexterity and strength in the hand. For three months we were visiting the occupational therapist, physiotherapist and medical specialist and in the meantime, continued to apply rei-ki at every opportunity. Six months after the accident, Michael had recovered all his dexterity and most of the strength in that hand and was able to return to work on light duties.

Three years later, he has full strength and dexterity and a faint scar wrapping around two thirds of his forearm. However he did change jobs. He has also returned to playing indoor volley ball – thanks be to rei-ki.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 29

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