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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Miracle on Main Street


Victoria Resch, Double Bay, NSW, Australia.

The poor man was clearly in enormous pain, though trying to be brave. I knelt down beside him, as he explained that he had rounded the corner at a run, expecting the ground to be level and, instead, had crashed down three steps, landing splayed on the footpath, unable to get up and, as I said, in terrible pain.

‘I learnt something at a workshop that’s supposed to help with things like this’ I told him, taking care to present it in as down-to-earth a way as one can, when suggesting something not exactly mainstream to the ‘man in the street’, or in this case, on the street. ‘It’s a sort of healing, laying-on-of-hands’ thing called rei-ki. Would you like me to give it a go and see if it helps?’
‘Oh! yes please, ‘ he gasped, ‘anything that could help!’

The pain was centred in his knee and, as I cupped it in my hands, he calmed noticeably. The knee felt strangely hollow. There was a large lump above his knee to the side and then I realised that the lump above the knee was, in fact, his kneecap, dislocated in the fall. I continued the rei-ki until the paramedic arrived on a motor cycle ambulance. He placed the leg in a splint, and asked how recently the man had eaten and drunk since he would need to be placed under an anaesthetic to have the knee-cap relocated, once x-rays revealed precisely what manipulation was needed to re-align it.

While the splint was being positioned I held his hand, maintaining the flow of rei-ki energy and, when the ambulance officer had finished, I quietly returned my hands to the hollow and lump that, together, would have been a knee. About ten minutes later the ambulance arrived with two more paramedics and the three of them lifted the man onto a stretcher to place him in the ambulance. As they did so, the man let out a yell – a yelp even. Then he was quiet and the tension that had kept his face taut with pain suddenly melted into a look of blessed relief.

‘The knee has relocated itself!’, exclaimed one paramedic.
‘I don’t believe it, I’ve never seen such a thing!’, said another.
‘Maybe it was the rei-ki’, I said quietly, careful not to create resistance by proselytising.

It was wonderful, though, to have such a rich opportunity to open up the possibility to those present, that the remarkable thing which they had all witnessed was perhaps a miracle with an explanation - and a name – rei-ki.

I related this event to a medical specialist who was even more impressed with the outcome than I had been. Have you any idea the force that it takes to replace a dislocated kneecap? Without some extra force operating there is no way that kneecap could have just slipped back into place as the three men simply lifted him very carefully and gently onto the stretcher. That force was not the brute force usually required for such a manipulation. It seems that force was called … rei-ki.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 21

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