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‘Miracle’ survival from Motorbike Accident


Leanne Spencer, Adelaide, South Australia

My nephew had a serious accident two years ago. He was struck by a car and thrown off his motorcycle. He was so seriously injured, his parents were called to the crash site as the ambulance officers believed he might not survive long enough to reach hospital. On the way to the accident, my sister called and asked me to send Advanced Level rei-ki distant healing to him. As I didn't know which were the most serious injuries, I began in the customary rei-ki first position and then asked for guidance as to where the healing was most needed. I was immediately drawn to his neck and abdomen. I later discovered that he had landed on his head, and that the force with which he catapulted over the handlebars had broken his pelvis into seven pieces which caused severe abdominal bleeding. Over the coming days and weeks, I continued to send rei-ki distant healing to him whenever possible.

My nephew did survive the trip to hospital, although his parents were told not to expect him to survive until morning. Although he survived, they were then told he would never walk again. A few days later, the doctors again revised their opinion and said that he would walk with a limp and he'd probably never work again (and would certainly not be able to return to his profession as a spray painter).

Within a month of the accident he was walking, within six months he had no limp. Within a year, he returned to work - as a spray-painter. Thank heavens for the ability to send rei-ki II over distance at any time.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 25

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