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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

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No Pain after Major Operation


Danuta Mudd, East Maitland NSW, Australia.

My husband Rodney finally succumbed to having a hip replacement operation after years of pain from the dreaded arthritis. I performed Rei-ki I hands-on every day for weeks prior to the operation, to ease his pain.

When Rod awoke in post-operative recovery he accepted the rei-ki, so, positioning myself around his drips and tubes and monitors, I placed my hands on his chest. My hands were immediately drawn ‘further in’ like a magnet … they felt as though they were virtually in his chest. Within a couple of minutes the intensity of the heat in my hands was almost unbearable.

The next day upon my return visit, much to my surprise Rod was sitting up as bright as a button and very happily told me that he had already been out of bed. He was in no pain! That really shocked me as it was expected the pain would be considerable.

When again he accepted my offer of rei-ki, I prepared myself for a similarly intense experience but it did not happen in that way again, just ‘normal’ rei-ki from then on.

That afternoon the physiotherapist came in and showed Rod what needed to be done by him in order to make a complete recovery. At the end of the visit the physiotherapist asked Rod how he was managing the pain. Rod was pleased to be able to tell him that he was in no pain. ‘We don't want you to be a martyr - if you need something it is there for you,’ urged the physiotherapist, ‘you'll be having some shortly.’ (Morphine, that is.)

This type of conversation went on every day with the nurses, doctor and physio. Rod was in hospital for six days. They just could not believe that there was no pain at all. In the meantime, every visit I sat there giving rei-ki to him, at least twice a day.

To this day (nine weeks later) Rod has not had any painkillers of any description. Rod’s rate of recovery has amazed everyone, including himself. I have since done Rei-ki 2 with very positive feedback.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 21

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