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Patience and persistence reverse birth trauma


Kelvin Christian, from Adelaide, Sth Australia

Kacy the baby

Kacy is my niece and was born in Sydney on 16th Nov. 1998, with a condition called Erbs Palsy. It was my Sister-in-law, Sue's second child. Kacy was a big baby and delivery was extremely difficult for Sue; they had to use forceps. Kacy had become a little stuck and all the nerves in Kacy's right side of the neck and right shoulder had been torn away from her cervical spine.

The end result was that Kacy could not turn her head to her right side, and her right arm was completely limp from the shoulder down. It was a lifeless limb, which just hung there, useless.

Ten days after Kacy was born, Sue told me of her condition. I was distressed to hear this news and was told that she could possibly have a disability for the rest of her life, but had to wait and see. The nerves could possibly re-grow and attach themselves to bring back some mobility in the arm. It just 'clicked', that I might be able to help by sending Rei-ki II energy, in absentia.

I started the Rei-ki II from that night, for approximately one and a half hours. The drawing energy in my hands was extremely strong, very hot and tingly and did not reduce at all. On the second night, I received images in my mind, possibly about the causes of the pain in a metaphysical sense during absent healing. I continued to send the Rei-ki II energy every single day, at lunch time, and every night, totaling anywhere from 2-4 hours per day. I was so concerned that I drove to Sydney from Adelaide at Christmas time to see what I could do to help.

Kacy looked in pain, discomfort and generally not happy when I met her and nursed her. She took to me immediately. I told Sue that we share a special bond, and she already knew me. Next 4-5 days she smiled for the very first time in her life and seemed content. I nursed her every opportunity and sent Rei-ki II absent healing the rest of the time. I sent healing while driving back home (8-10hours) and at least 2-4 hours each and every day.

On 24th January 1999, after nine weeks, Kacy showed signs of movement in her arm for the very first time. Then I also asked our Adelaide co-ordinator, Adrienne, for more helpers in sending absent healing for a good period of time. Kacy went to a medical specialist in mid February 1999. He was extremely surprised that Kacy had any movement in her arm at all after reading the report from birth. She continued to improve every day. March 15th she went to childcare for the first time. The nanny said that she was the quietest and most calm baby that she had to look after.

In April 1999, after 5 months, the specialist expected a full recovery, with no noticeable disability. Kacy had regained full movement in her right shoulder and she could turn her head normally. The only drawback was that the muscles, attached to the Rotator Cuff on the right hand side, had not fully developed. The specialist also told Sue to move her arm to exercise these muscles every day, which Sue had been doing since February.

In Sept/Oct 1999 (10 months) Kacy was progressing very well, and the muscles were still underdeveloped but were improving. The big test was when Kacy started to crawl. In 2000 Kacy was slow at wanting to crawl, but, as she got started, the muscles all strengthened and developed properly.

Now, as I write this in February 2001 (27 months), Kacy has been walking and talking like any normal child of her age, with no signs of any disability. She also has always been a very quiet and calm baby, never whined, and seemed content. I sent the Rei-ki II energy continuously for 5-6 months each and every day until April/May 1999, to aid the healing until Sue told me that the specialist expected a full recovery. Then I sent it periodically as much as I could over the rest of the time since. I also had Rei-ki II helpers sending for about two months after I asked for help. I was very discouraged and wondered if it was doing any good at first because no improvement could be seen for nine weeks, but I persisted anyway.

My Rei-ki teachers have told us that some things cannot be fixed quickly, they take time. Well I would say that this was the longest and most satisfying program of absent healing that I have had the pleasure of doing. Both Sue and her dad, Cary, are extremely happy with Kacy's progress.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 18

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