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Perth Rei-ki II Retreat calls on ‘Super Nanny’


Errol Leembruggen, Perth, W.A. Co-ordinator


A happy group of Reiki II’s in Perth are still savouring the benefits of their recent five days Reiki II Retreat. This has been the fourth year in a row that the group have booked a residential retreat, and there is already another scheduled for next year. The venue is a wonderful holiday homestead called ‘Avalon’, which enjoys an elevated position amid the rolling hills of the Avon Valley an hour and a half out of Perth and just outside the township of Toodyay.

On this occasion there were eighteen in the group: each participant had one hour on the table for four consecutive days with the others hands-on. The structure of the Retreat allowed some free time in the afternoon and there was an evening program after dinner each night.

A new experience for many of the participants was a celebration of an 'Agnihotra Fire Ritual’ at sunset on one evening and sunrise the next day. Evening events also included drumming and sound bowl (John and Penny Whife), and a 'Ghandarva Experience' (with Tom Kenyon). On the last night, a ‘Christmas in July’ meal was followed by a participants’ performance, which was the highlight of the Retreat. Super Nanny was invited to do her thing but was outshone by Super Santa, who saved the night. Laughter and fun went long into the evening, which was topped off with an exchange of ‘Christmas’ gifts in a most unusual way.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 25

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