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Professional Development & Rei-ki Practitioners

There has been further progress in the recognition of professional practice standards for rei-ki.

The Usui Reiki Network is a founding member of the umbrella organisation CARO (Council of Australian Reiki Organisations). CARO initially was formed after initiatives from the Commonwealth Government to encourage standardisation of professional practice recognition in alternative health care modalities. There is now broad agreement as to the minimum requirements for professional practitioners to be registered with CARO:

  • Membership of a CARO member organisation – i.e. in our case, the Usui Reiki Network.
  • Training in Reii I and Reiki II (with annual reviews of both). The Usui Reiki Network requires professional practitioners under its provenance to review both training programs several times before commencing professional practice.
  • Current first aid certificate
  • A treatment log book of at least 20 full treatment sessions, of a minimum of 50 minutes treatment time each, with client sign off and brief case notes.
    Or: If you have been in professional practice for a significant period (of at least 18 months) you are required to provide proofs:
  • certified true copies of testimonials provided by at least 10 clients,
  • evidence of when you registered your professional practice (e.g. certified true copy of your Australian Business Name registration).
  • successful completion of the CARO Professional Practitioner Module

In either case, you are required to prove you have current public liability and professional indemnity insurance (Usui Reiki Network can now recommend insurance providers in this regard).

The above are minimum requirements and are transitional. Over the next few years, other training requirements must be completed prior to commencing professional practice, including studying additional units from the national Health Training package, as ongoing professional development activities. A list of requisite units will be provided at a later date.

Sue Lake-Harris has played a leadership role in the development of CARO’s professional practitioner standards and will be offering adjunct training in the Professional Practitioner Module to Rei-ki 2 graduates from the Usui Rei-ki Network in 2008. Sue Lake-Harris has a professional background in training and course design and constructed the PP module in consultation with Barbara McGregor and the CARO Board, (of which she was the Chair from Apr 2006-Nov 2007) and continues as representing the Usui Reiki Network as a board member and director of Training and Development. The Usui Reiki Network has set standards for professional practice at a higher level than the minimum requirements under CARO, so that professional practitioner training and recognition authorised by the Usui Reiki Network will be of the highest standard available.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 29

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