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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Purrs and Paws


Pamela Croft, from Melbourne, Australia

Pam's Cat I have a cat. She was a very aggressive cat: I would pat her, she would bite or scratch me. This had been going on for 12 years, but I love her dearly so I put up with it. Having recently become a Rei-ki I student, I decided to try rei-ki on her. Well, I can assure you that miracles do happen. After a couple of sessions with her, she has been transformed from an aggressive cat into a loving and gentle cat. Every chance she gets, she will hop onto my lap and expect rei-ki. She puts her paws around my neck and purrs so loudly I am sure my next door neighbour can hear her. I admit that I was a little skeptical about whether rei-ki would or would not work for me. Now I can't wait to do Rei-ki II and go on to bigger and better things.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 18

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