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Redback Bite worse than a Flea in the Ear!


Roger Tindale, Carwoola, NSW, Australia

image One Easter we were having visitors, so I decided to mow our untidy lawn while my wife, Sue, concentrated on cooking. So I grabbed my noise-protecting earmuffs and gunned the mower.

Doing a lap of the yard, I felt a sharp pricking on the outside of my left ear. I thought there must be a grass seed in the earmuff on that side, so I simply lifted it, tapped a few times, then put it back down.

About thirty seconds later, there was another stabbing pain. Drat, I thought, I must have only dislodged the seed and shifted it to a more uncomfortable position. Another lift, tap, and replace session. Another stabbing pain. I didn't want to stop the mower, so I repeated my earlier tapping session more vigorously, and for longer. Earmuff down, and this time excruciating stabbing pain.

This time I did turn off the mower and remove the earmuffs to examine them (and get rid of that blasted 'seed'!). Imagine my dismay when the seed turned out to be a very large, notoriously poisonous, Redback spider, which thought its home was inside my earmuffs.

I swore a few times and, ignoring Dr Usui's precept about being kind to all living things, squashed it.

The thing had bitten me four times! I was beginning to feel extreme pain all over the left side of my head and running down my neck. We live rurally, and the hospital emergency department was a drive away. I stuck my head through the kitchen doorway and, as calmly as possible, asked Sue to drive me to hospital. "I've been bitten by a redback!" We calculated it was 10 minutes since the first bite and things were getting serious.

"Put your rei-ki hands on!," she commanded as we drove off. As expected with rei-ki, the pain temporarily intensified en route.

Yet, by the time we reached the hospital, I was still in pain, but no worse than before applying rei-ki. We informed the triage nurse it was now 20 minutes since the first Redback spider bite. While I was being examined, Sue phoned a number of local folk trained in the Advanced Level of rei-ki, with a request to send distant healing.

The doctor didn't want to give anti-venom. It can be dangerous if a reaction hasn't set in, or if it's a bite from a different type of spider, although I had recognised it as a Redback, having dealt with them numerous times in my work in property maintenance.

So we waited. The hospital staff expected full blown reactions to develop: sweating, shortness of breath, weakness, more pain, etc. Yet nothing. Nothing happened at all, apart from a sore ear. It reminded me of how a bee sting felt when I was a kid.

Five hours later (after having rei-ki'd my ear and using only an ice pack), I was allowed to go home. The hospital staff were mystified. Our Easter dinner proceeded without a hitch, and I was very grateful for all the rei-ki 2 support. Otherwise, I know I would have been seriously ill.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 26

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