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Rei-ki helps toothache


Bernt Roelofs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

In the weeks before I went on a short camping holiday near Darwin in the Northern Territory, one of my teeth had become rather sensitive. The first night in Darwin I awoke with a terrible toothache and the next morning both jaws felt as if they were on fire. A dental x-ray quickly revealed that one of my wisdom teeth had developed a cavity and needed to be extracted.

A while before I had eight amalgam fillings replaced without anaesthetic but with lots of rei-ki. However I did agree to anaesthetic when this tooth was removed. The dentist told me to take a strong painkiller as I could expect it to ache for a few days. However I did not have to use any: I applied rei-ki II absently for the whole day and despite the gaping hole in my jaw, I literally didn't feel a thing! A few days later it did start aching a bit but a few more hours of rei-ki in absentia cleared that up too. After two months the hole at the site of the extraction is virtually undetectable.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 20

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