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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

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Rei-ki Leaves ‘Handprints’


Douglas Collins, Canberra, Australia

Butterfly leaving hands As is often the case, scepticism about rei-ki often attracts moments of proof. The following incident convinced me of the power of Rei-ki II sent over distance.

My brother, Justin, accepted an invitation to go fishing offshore, thinking it would be a couple of hours early morning. Instead, because of unexpected engine problems, he was in an open boat all day, unprepared, without sunscreen or hat!

When he returned home at 5.00 pm his entire face was extremely sunburned, already blistering, and there was real concern over the possibility of sunstroke. Hands-on rei-ki involving direct touch was clearly not the best option, and I was glad I had access to Rei-ki II, so I could treat him in absentia.

So, applying the Rei-ki II procedure carefully, I directed the healing to his face, understanding that distance healing in Rei-ki II is the same in effect as hands-on.

The next morning the family was as astounded as Justin to discover clear handprint impressions on his face, with the area outside extensively blistered and painful and the area within the handprints much as normal, and he was otherwise fine.

Justin has since taken the Rei-ki I and II for himself, and is an enthusiastic supporter of the seminars in many centres around Australia.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 22

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