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Renewing Your Enthusiasm


Barbara McGregor
Rei-ki Master Teacher

Barbara McGregor c2002 Crops grown from soil in constant use diminish in vitality. So the wise farmer allows his fields to lie fallow from time to time, to renew their verdundancy. Following the natural cycle in human affairs can renew your enthusiasm. Taking time out to contemplate, disengaging from the external world, is just as important to experiencing a rich and fulfilling life as is socialising with caring friends and exercising your creativity. Academia has recognised this for centuries with the tradition of the Sabbatical.

Rei-ki can enhance your fallow time by bringing you closer in touch with your inner voice as well as strengthening the flow of vital force throughout your being. Schedule a Sabbath day every week - whichever day is right for you - and give to yourself the gift of silence and rest and nurturing. When you plan a holiday, make it long enough to last in its renewing effects beyond the first month of your return to your everyday world. Skimping in this is a pure form of self sabotage. Don't you deserve the best?

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 19

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