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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

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Retreat a Rousing Success

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133 Rei-ki II graduate students joined in a four day healing intensive at Batang Ai in the hinterland of Sarawak (five hours drive from Kuching), combined with local and regional rituals and festivities over June 22 and 30, 2001.

We visited the Orangutan rehabilitation centre in the jungle, a crocodile farm and a village market, as well as a traditional Long House 45 minutes by motorised longboat up river past foreshores of untamed forest and pepper plantations.

There were many profound experiences including water rebirthing supervised by Keven Duff for several participants with phobias or fear of water or swimming, as well as much joy and festivity in celebrating traditional ceremonies and inimitable performances by folk from each rei-ki centre.

Special thanks to Moi Fong and Lawrence Tay, Kuching Co-ordinators and Keven Duff who, together with Christopher Tay (a Rei-ki II practitioner and manager of the Hilton Resort), created an immaculately organised nine day event.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 18

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