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Roadside Emergency


Darina Dobrovic, Brisbane, Australia

My daughter’s 29 year old friend was rollerblading on the street when I happened to be painting the front fence. A car came speeding down the street and swerved to avoid her. Our rollerblading friend also reacted, slipping and losing control on some gravel and sand, and fell with a loud thump. I ran to assist her off the street, where she was caressing her elbow and shaking from shock, but she was too stunned to move.

I had her lean against me while I applied rei-ki to her elbow. After some ten minutes she calmed down, and we tried to move her onto the footpath again, but her legs were like jelly. After removing the rollerblades we managed to reach the kerb, where I continued to rei-ki her elbow.

Her mother arrived and took her to the emergency department at the local hospital, where an x-ray showed a fracture. However she was sent home, with a sling, and asked to return the next day for plaster as it was out-of-hours.

When she returned to the hospital Outpatients the next day, a second examination told a different story. The arm, apparently, was not fractured, only bruised, so she did not require the plaster. She was told to avoid sudden movements for some time and sent home still wearing the sling. On her way home she stopped to share the result and thank me for the rei-ki first aid.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 28

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