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Stiff Necked No More!


Anne Ludwig, Brisbane, Australia

My neck used to go 'out' periodically, the usual pattern being an immobile neck for about a week, and more than three weeks of Bowen therapy or chiropractic and a slow recovery.

Two days after completing the Rei-ki I course, I woke up with a particularly bad 'neck attack', immobilised with lots of pain. So I put my hands on my neck straight away, spending the whole day with one or two hands there at all times. Unable to cancel a squash game, I played with one hand on my neck for the entire game!

By the end of the day my neck felt bruised, but there was some mobility. After 24 hours there was merely a dull ache, and almost total mobility. By the third day I was absolutely fine! No expensive professional treatments, and I am pleased to report that since taking the Rei-ki I seminar the incidence of neck problems has been less frequent and less severe, and with immediate hands-on rei-ki, the early warning signs of minor discomfort disappear.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 22

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