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Sue Lake-Harris commences teaching in 2008

Sue Lake-Harris Sue Lake-Harris commences solo teaching of Rei-ki I and Advanced Level Rei-ki 2 seminars for the Usui Reiki Network in 2008, in Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra. The commencement date was deferred, owing to her extensive involvement in Course Design for Professional Practice recognition for CARO (see separate section) during 2006 and 2007 - not to overlook the birth of her two ‘miracle’ sons in the last two years. Sue has invested great dedication in fulfilling her five year apprenticeship in training to teach rei-ki under the guidance of Barbara McGregor, attending seminars in all capital cities of Australia and also London during that time.

Sue has an inspirational story, following recovery from cancer and restoration of torn ankle ligaments during her career as a theatrical trainer/dancer, as well as the reversal of fertility problems. With a sceptical science background and as a former educator, Sue now bears testimony to the extraordinary scope of healing effects rei-ki has brought to her life and her family, as a result of taking rei-ki training at the urging of a friend in 1997. She was also the co-ordinator for the Reiki Training Academy in Canberra 1999-2003, until this mantle was taken on by the current coordinator, Henry Satrapa.

Sue combines an extensive knowledge of natural health principles and therapies, with her experience in teaching children and adults, both scholastically and in professional course design for Australian government departments and businesses. Also trained as a singer and dancer, Sue founded a Theatrical Arts Academy in Canberra several years ago, which she sold last year, before her family’s move to the Lakes District in regional Victoria.

Sue Lake-Harris has a Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education from the University of Canberra (1990), and post graduate training in performance appraisal, counselling and feedback. She was a course developer and presenter for ComSuper for a decade and has been a course developer and facilitator in Presentation Skills for Macquarie Telecommunications (Canberra 2004), guest lecturer at James Cook University Music Education Department (2000) and Education Officer for the Usui Reiki Network since 2003. Sue has practised rei-ki professionally, part-time, from 1999.

We wish Sue Lake-Harris every success in following her teaching path for rei-ki over the coming years, supported by those in the Usui Reiki Network who are dedicated to the preservation of the authentic teaching of reiki and its standards of practice, ethics and metaphysical insights. Well done, Sue!

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 29

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