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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

The Turning Point


Carlene Anglim, Essex, U.K.

In 1994 I experienced an amazing rei-ki session with someone at a music festival and I was enthused to take rei-ki training myself. I attended a very small local class. While I obtained results, such as relief for my father's stiff neck and back, nevertheless I found I was becoming exhausted with the practice. I had to concentrate to build energy in my hands, and as this was stressful, I used it only sporadically. Barbara McGregor has since explained the possibility that I was drawing on my own life force energy, rather than the true rei-ki which originates externally and requires no effort.

In 2001 my 2 year old son had suffered pneumococcal septicaemia and suspected meningitis twice within the year, and could not talk. I was pregnant with twins and dealing with the stress of an alcoholic partner. The last straw was being pulled over for speeding while eight months pregnant, with my son in the back of the car with a brain infection and my husband absent on a binge.

The turning point came six months ago when my father asked me to organise a rei-ki session for him. Barbara McGregor's name stood out from the page of the listing in the booklet published by the Guild of Complementary Medicine. On contacting the UK co-ordinator, I discovered there was an 'overflow' seminar added to her teaching schedule due to popular demand. My parents offered to pay for my attendance and it has made a huge difference to my life. Since taking rei-ki I with Barbara McGregor, when I rei-ki someone it is no longer draining. It is the one thing that has kept me going through these past months.

I especially value the support of those in the Usui Rei-ki Network here in England who have been sending rei-ki II as distant healing for myself and my sons. The eldest has at last begun to talk and to cuddle and I no longer have fears about possible underlying conditions. What a difference Barbara McGregor's rei-ki training has made to my life. This was first written on my way to Rei-ki II class, on the weekend of my twins' first birthday. I am full of hope for what the next six months will bring.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 20

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