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Uggh, it’s a bug


Kiril Hadjiev, London, UK

A few months ago I was reminded about the power we all carry in our hands.

It was Friday night and I went to bed with a slightly unsettled stomach. I was tired from the past week but couldn't sleep properly, and spent the whole night tossing from side to side. Finally, when I got up on Saturday morning, the only thing I managed to do was to run to the bathroom, violently ill. It reminded me of my student days, but this time there was no hangover! Now it seemed that I had a pesky stomach bug.

For the next few hours I was not able to keep any food or drink down, and was feeling drained to the point where I could not lift my arm (big thank you to my girlfriend for nursing me that morning). None of the normal medication helped and I was feeling worse and worse.

At around midday I remembered rei-ki and immediately put my hands on my abdomen - hmmmm... what a nice soothing feeling! I felt the energy flowing instantly. Fifteen minutes later I was able to drink warm water. I kept my hands on me for the next hour, slowly taking food and liquids. Three hours later I was good as new, and the rest of the weekend ahead of me. Thank you rei-ki - why didn't I think of it sooner.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 28

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