Reiki Centres

True stories from our graduates

The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Athletes’ injuries overcome

Renewing Your Enthusiasm

M.S. doldrums relieved with rei-ki

Fractured Shoulder Recovery

Dialysis Turnaround

Greetings from Beth Gray

Sterling Silver Rei-ki Emblem

Computer hard-drive resuscitated

Welcome to new co-ordinators

Post Surgical Recovery

Rei-ki helps toothache

Kissing it better with Rei-ki: The black eye that wasn’t

Kissing it better with Rei-ki: No-tears flower girl

First Aid for exercise strain.

Discovering the "real rei-ki".

The Turning Point

Recovery From R.S.I.

Cure for CD player’s hiccups!

Kids Enjoy Rei-ki Too

Vale Denise

Fires Burning

Happy 85th Birthday to Beth Gray

Burnt, not blistered!

Distinct Improvements with Rei-ki

Miracle on Main Street

No Pain after Major Operation

Wally’s Story: Healing Over Distance

Happy 86th Birthday to Beth Gray

A Good Neighbour

Emergency Help

Rei-ki Leaves ‘Handprints’

Stiff Necked No More!

Overactive Thyroid Normalised

Miracle Babies: Welcome to Connor after Mum’s cancer scare

Rei-ki Calm

Hot, Hot, Hot!

When your number’s up!

Sue Lake-Harris commences teaching in 2008

Happy 90th

Professional Development & Rei-ki Practitioners

Hallelujah Chorus


Ski Trips 1

Ski Trips 2

Reiki 2 Retreat in England: August 3-8 2008

Roadside Emergency

T.L.C. for Bruno

Honouring Beth Grey



Warts and all

Uggh, it’s a bug

Rei-ki Treatment Guidelines

Retreat a Rousing Success

80 year old growing stronger

Patience and persistence reverse birth trauma

Standing up for Herself - MS Remission

Back pain overcome

First Aid on the Job

Faith, hope and miracle for Great Dane

Purrs and Paws

Rei-ki House Relocation

Little Miracle after MS Diagnosis

Lumps & Bumps #1

Lumps & Bumps #2

Lumps & Bumps #3

Office Help #1

Office Help #2

Office Help #3

Perth Rei-ki II Retreat calls on ‘Super Nanny’

Win-Win Rei-ki Demonstration

‘Mani-cures’ #1

‘Mani-cures’ #2

No more crutches

‘Mani-cures’ #3

‘Miracle’ survival from Motorbike Accident

Honouring Beth Gray

Discerning the Authentic Teaching of Rei-ki

Distant healing for a friend in need

Computer whiz

Lamas Enjoy Reiki Healing

Redback Bite worse than a Flea in the Ear!

Rei-ki Eye Openers #1

Helping Hands for Stroke Sufferers #1

Helping Hands for Stroke Sufferers #2

Honouring Beth Gray

Rei-ki Eye Openers #2

Head-On Collision

A Friend in Need

A Personal Best

Honouring Beth Gray

Honouring Beth Gray

Migraine and Insomnia Recovery

Neck Spasm Quick Fix

Helping hands for extreme pain

IVF Not required

Distant blessings for 81 yr old in Brazil

Baby talk with rei-ki 2

Tsunami Message

Surprise Recovery from Dengue Fever

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