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Stories of Rei-ki Healing from our Graduates

The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Wally’s Story: Healing Over Distance


Carol Cross, Brisbane, Australia

Wally the adventurous cat. After a traumatic fall which left Wally, the three year old cat, wedged between a fence and a wall for some time until discovered, he developed a stress-related wound on his left ear, 2-3 cm across. Whenever he scratched, little drops of blood would spray forth, and he slept most of every day. Then a similar wound started on his right ear. His owner took him for many visits to two different veterinarians, completely changed his diet, and applied creams, powders and injections to no avail.

So finally she turned to me for help and, having just finished my Rei-ki II course, I was able to send rei-ki to Wally in absentia, over distance, for about two weeks. gradually he stopped scratching, slept less, and his ears started to scab and finally the scabs fell off. Wally has finally returned to his former mischievous self and all the hair has regrown on his ears.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 22

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