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Welcome to new co-ordinators

Over the past six months we have had a "changing of the guard" in several centres. Please refer to the International Itinerary for contact details. In London we have a co-ordinating team comprising Andrew Downer, Ann Jewell and Franco Testatonda, who bring a wealth of varied skills and experience in the service of clients of the Usui Rei-ki Network.

In Dublin, Maggie Lyons is reorganising the local network and in Sydney Sharyn Winton takes over from Marie Voorma, who will now concentrate on her role as International Co-ordinator, including organisation of the next International Rei-ki II Retreat.

In Brisbane, Keigh-Lee Paroz and Sue Beavis are joint co-ordinators and in Tasmania, Anne Purtill will be co-ordinating the network out of Hobart.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 20

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