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Sivanesan Angamuthu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A 21-y.o. friend was struck by a car and left to bleed by the roadside. When found by the police, he was unconscious, lying in a pool of blood and was admitted to ICU at the hospital with severe cranial damage, a blood clot on his brain, in a coma. His skull had been crushed on the right side and he had a fractured leg and arm and severe bruising.

As soon as I heard the news, immediately I started sending Advanced Level rei-ki 2 over distance. When I visited him in the ICU, it was not possible to touch him directly, so I continued with the distant healing by his bedside. I called on my sister to do likewise and also to send rei-ki 2 distant healing to his family members who were devastated by the results of this hit-and-run accident. After a couple of weeks, he was transferred from the ICU and I continued to visit him in hospital to give rei-ki, which was drawing intense energy through my hands.

Although he was still in a coma, his other injuries were healing well.

Around a month and a half later, out of the blue, I received a telephone call from him. He didn’t know why my telephone number was the only one he could remember on emerging from his coma, although he couldn’t remember my name just yet. As the doctors originally indicated there was a very slim hope of recovery for him, to be at that point with only some difficulty with his memory and a bit of slurring and short attention span, was a great relief for us all.

A year later, Kamarul is almost back to normal, with a metal plate to cover his crushed skull, his leg and arm are both back to full function; he no longer slurs his speech, and is still recovering from his short attention span and has some difficulty in recalling detail. We are grateful for such a positive outcome.

This article originally appeared in Rei-ki Happenings 29

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