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The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Athletes’ injuries overcome


Ann Wyatt, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia

My experiences with rei-ki since the completion of the Advanced Level (rei-ki II) have been overwhelming.

A friend of my daughter's asked me to explain what benefits could be gained from rei-ki, as she had not heard about it. I asked her permission to rest my hands on her shoulders and immediately she felt an intense warmth. During the next ten minutes I noticed that her knee was twitching and I asked if she had injured it at any time. Her reply was that she'd had a skiing accident two weeks earlier and that she intended to see a physiotherapist. When I suggested that I treat her knee with rei-ki, she readily agreed as, by that time, she was feeling quite relaxed and the tension in her neck and shoulders had significantly diminished. Imagine her surprise when some short time later she was able to walk around the room with no sign of discomfort. Four months later she completed the 52 kilometre walk along the Milford Track in New Zealand, without even a twinge in her knee. She still has had no further problem five months along.

A colleague, an ex-footballer, liked to run for an hour each day after work. He was having some difficulty with his left knee and felt that his running days were over. His friend, whose shoulder I had rei-ki'd, suggested to him that I might be able to help. The result was magnificent. At first his knee became very hot and then, to our amazement, things began to move. The expression on his face was indescribable. We could both feel a grinding sensation, a few 'pops' and then the muscles above his knee began to jump. By this time we had a small audience as this took place at work.

When fifteen minutes had passed he stood up and went for a walk. The pain had gone. That evening he went for a run for an hour without experiencing any problems. Two months ago he completed a triathlon. I am very grateful that I am able to work with rei-ki to benefit others. It is one of the most satisfying aspects of my life.

Renewing Your Enthusiasm


Barbara McGregor
Rei-ki Master Teacher

Barbara McGregor c2002 Crops grown from soil in constant use diminish in vitality. So the wise farmer allows his fields to lie fallow from time to time, to renew their verdundancy. Following the natural cycle in human affairs can renew your enthusiasm. Taking time out to contemplate, disengaging from the external world, is just as important to experiencing a rich and fulfilling life as is socialising with caring friends and exercising your creativity. Academia has recognised this for centuries with the tradition of the Sabbatical.

Rei-ki can enhance your fallow time by bringing you closer in touch with your inner voice as well as strengthening the flow of vital force throughout your being. Schedule a Sabbath day every week - whichever day is right for you - and give to yourself the gift of silence and rest and nurturing. When you plan a holiday, make it long enough to last in its renewing effects beyond the first month of your return to your everyday world. Skimping in this is a pure form of self sabotage. Don't you deserve the best?

M.S. doldrums relieved with rei-ki


Vernon Lewis, Bellevue Heights, South Australia

When I chose, very abruptly, to commit to do the Usui Rei-ki Network's course in Adelaide, I was having a very ordinary time of things: my marriage was extremely shaky (almost as bad as my legs), I was in a financial mess with little prospect of improvement, my emotional state was nearly as bad as it had ever been and my relations with my children were much less than desirable. The car I was driving had given up the ghost and it was only the generosity of some friends who provided me with transport other than my shaky legs which allowed me to get around.

My situation since taking rei-ki is that my marriage is much stronger and clearly improving as time passes and I maintain the very positive attitudes and supportive activities which were always needed. The Multiple Sclerosis which has been the bane of my life for 11 years is rarely in my consciousness, as the symptoms which remain are what many non-diagnosed people would accept as being normal. I am now emotionally stronger than I have ever been in my life, even though I frequently find my eyes 'leaking' in particularly emotional situations, such as my mother's funeral. I have a full time job at which I am becoming more and more competent. The need to use public transport to the city often sees me running to catch a bus or tram. Also, I have another job which has been occupying considerable energy of late since it is a group leader for the Census.

There are a number of related causes for this remarkable set of changes, perhaps the most important being my completion of the rei-ki course, when it was suggested I consult a naturopath. My wife made an appointment for several months later. Three days after the completion of the course I was contacted by the naturopath with a cancellation for the following weekend. I have followed the naturopath's advice and homeopathic remedy regimes as well as my own application of rei-ki to myself and others within the network.

Another constant has been the discovery of a very profound Christian faith which occurred about twelve months ago and which has been supported by the spirituality of my practice of Reiki. While life still has its challenges, it is now always full of joy and a confidence in the future. I am always thankful to my wife for motivating me into going to the rei-ki seminar. She has benefited almost as much as I have.

Fractured Shoulder Recovery


Margaret Monk, Bath, England.

Whilst visiting a coastal town in Devon, I tripped on a pavement and sustained a shoulder fracture and was told at the hospital that the shoulder would never be the same again. I declined an operation for a new shoulder joint. Being a Reiki II, I was more than hopeful that I could treat myself. Pain set in and I had to wear a harness day and night for many weeks. My medical specialist said I might be able to try golf in seven months time. His expression said, 'don't bank on it'.

My rei-ki friends in Bath and London helped me with Rei-ki II in distant healing, and the amazing thing was that I played golf within three months. One year on I am pain free, with progress continuing. All friends think I've made a great recovery.

Dialysis Turnaround


Brad McDougall, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

I have suffered from Type 1 diabetes all of my life (35 years). In June/July 2000, I was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. My kidneys were only working at 15 percent and declining fast. I was referred to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and in November underwent access surgery for peritoneal dialysis (PD). I began dialysis on Jan 3, 2001, and while the dialysis made a stark difference to the way I felt over time, it wasn't until I came into contact with the rei-ki that my condition truly changed for the better.

Through the help of some friends who brought me along to the free introductory seminar in September, I signed up and became a rei-ki channel myself. Since that remarkable weekend a lot of things have changed for the better. I now feel as good as I did before the effects of kidney failure. My most recent blood examinations showed that everything was in the normal levels bar one thing, the parathyroid gland, in the neck, and it was no surprise to me as this was the only area that I hadn't been putting my hands on.

The next major change that I noticed in my life was that I had the sensation that the things I was thinking started to happen. Due to the kidney failure, I have been on the transplant list, for a kidney and a pancreas transplant, since March 2001. The average waiting time is about four years. On my last visit to hospital I just wanted to know where I was on the list, and how far I had to go. I walked into the specialist's office and was told that I was on the top three recipient candidates, and to pack a bag as the call could come at any time.

Since taking rei-ki so many important things have gone my way, not to mention all of the wonderful people with whom I have come in contact, some of whom I was drawn to during our seminar, and one particular person is very special to me. Thank you everybody in the Usui Reiki Network for the opportunity to follow my true path in life.

Computer hard-drive resuscitated


Peter Pusic, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

Drawing of a desktop computer My son, Marc, has worked in the computer industry for a decade and is confident in his technical command but ironically, had neglected to backup all of his files on his home computer. When he was attempting to carry out what is known as a 'raid array', i.e. merging two hard drives to operate as one, he was greeted with the screen message: 'primary hard drive failure'. After about ten attempts to re-boot the computer, he gave up. All his files were gone to data heaven and I never imagined that my boy could curse with such venom. A call to his computer engineer mate, Aaron, only confirmed what he had dreaded.

While Marc was dealing with his computer karma, I discreetly performed rei-ki II over one of the hard drives. A minute or so later, I handed it back to him and told him he had nothing to lose, so why not try it again? Convinced that this would be a waste of time, Marc reinstalled the drive and re-booted the computer. Whilst I really did not expect anything miraculous to take place, to our mutual amazement everything was restored to normal. Aaron was incredulous. He said it was an impossibility. Apparently not for rei-ki!

Heartfelt Thanks


Mary Susan Ng Khoo. Singapore.

When I was expecting, I was then a rei-ki channel and I had asked the local Rei-ki II volunteers to send healing in absentia when I was about to deliver my baby.

A few days after delivery the doctors diagnosed that my baby had jaundice and she had to be put into intensive care for a few days for treatment. The doctors discovered she had a hole in her heart, and would have to have an operation if the hole did not close.

I rei-ki'd Clara every day while I was feeding and carrying her. When I took her back to the doctors for a scan three months later the hole had closed, thanks to the blessings of rei-ki. I have since taken Rei-ki II.

Tigger recovers his bounce


Marianne Fountain, Geelong, Vic. Australia

Tigger the dog Friends of mine have a Red Setter dog, Tigger who had a serious injury in his neck. He was in a great deal of pain and was referred to veterinary specialists. It was decided they needed to remove a damaged vertebra from his neck. The operation is not always successful and dogs do not always fully recover. Tigger survived the operation quite well but developed an infection.

When I went to see him Tigger was a misery, emaciated and lifeless and the family were not at all sure he had the will to survive. Then I put my hands on his neck there was the strongest reaction I have ever felt (I had only recently become a rei-ki channel.) I rei-ki'd him for almost two hours, then we left him to look at the horses.

Tigger spends most of his weekends under the feet of his master, who works at his computer. When we returned to the house he left Geoff and came to me, extraordinary behaviour for him, so I spent almost all the rest of the day and evening giving him rei-ki. The family declared him much brighter and he ventured outside for a sniff around. I rei-ki'd him again most of the next day until I left mid-afternoon. He continued to improve and a week later was declared to be back to his usual naughty self.

Rei-ki reduces birth pains


Kevin Watt, Stewarts River, NSW Australia

Baby Hayley My soul mate of 24 years, Cheree, was pregnant with our fifth child. Any time she put her rei-ki hands anywhere on her body, the baby would kick until she moved her hands to a position which delivered Reiki directly to it.

We are an experienced home-birthing family in which the maternal grandmother and the older siblings had been present at, and assisted in, each birth. We had a practiced routine which was about to be shaken a little.

It seemed natural when Cheree asked me to send Rei-ki II to her over distance (i.e. without direct touch) so she could move freely during contractions. Things progressed as these things are wont to do. I had been reiki-ing for some time and she commented it was different energy, without the usual pain level which she knowingly and confidently put down to rei-ki.

By now I had been sending Rei-ki II nonstop for some hours, watching as it all unfolded with our family and grandmother being birthing helpers. Inadvertently, I stopped sending rei-ki and was greeted by a shrill shriek and a demanding and forceful 'have you stopped reiki-ing me?' This was instantaneous feedback and confirmation. I must confess when she wasn't watching I removed my hands one more time, ever so quickly, just to test again and be certain. Sure enough the same urgent demand came to put my hands back and continue rei-ki. Thereafter, I never stopped sending Rei-ki II until our daughter was born.

In spite of this demonstration Cheree was still concerned about the lack of pain. She associated this with a lack of dilation and asked the midwife to check. The midwife advised that not only was she eight centimeters dilated but her water was about to burst and the birth was imminent. Cheree found this quite amazing. Remember this was her fifth home-birth and yet it was the only birth with such a diminished pain level. However the time in labour was her normal number of hours.

The previous babies had been caught by midwives or me and, on one occasion, by the birthing mother herself, which was definitely the most empowered I have ever seen any woman in my life. This time, whether it was rei-ki energy or a supremely independent baby, but no-one caught her. She shot out and landed on the bed before anyone could catch her! That's rei-ki birthing power.

The show must go on


Dilys Lane, London, England

For four months last winter I was up in Stratford with the Royal Shakespearean Company, performing in a musical production of 'The Secret Garden'. It was bitterly cold and, along with many people, I caught a respiratory virus. Stoically, I tried to keep going and work through it, in spite of pain and increasing difficulties in breathing, until I collapsed. After an emergency chest x-ray I was diagnosed as pleurisy, a very painful and dangerous lung infection. I was sent home to recuperate with a prognosis of four to six weeks before full recovery!

I knew I needed a lot of help as I had only two weeks to the opening of the play, so I asked Barbara Trotter (UK co-ordinator) to request rei-ki II absent healing from people in the Usui Rei-ki Network who knew me. She rallied some half a dozen or more, and within three days the pain had gone, and after two weeks the doctors found no sign of pleurisy; my lungs were clear.

I went into intensive technical rehearsals working from day and night, 9.30am till 11:00pm. We opened the show three weeks ago and I feel well and full of energy! Thank you to all my friends in Rei-ki who helped me back on my feet.