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The essence of Rei-ki is pure, unconditional love

Greetings from Beth Gray

Beth Gray's 84th birthday lunch. Bernt Roelofs (Melbourne co-ordinator) and Barbara McGregor, coincidentally in California at the time of Beth Gray's 84th birthday, enjoyed a happy time with her at a local Italian restaurant in San Carlos. Beth greatly appreciated the birthday cards she had received from Australia, Singapore and London, with little notes of rei-ki experiences. Whilst Beth is unable to write in reply, your short letters are most welcome.

Send to:
707 Elm Street,
San Carlos,
Ca 94070. USA.

Sterling Silver Rei-ki Emblem

Drawing of Reiki Pin/Pendant With thanks to our jewelry designer friend in Singapore, we have a small flat silver token design of a hand with a starburst, which can be worn on a charm bracelet, watch or fine silver chain around the neck. It carries the name "Rei-ki" engraved on the palm. Prices are modest but vary according to local currency and GST/NAT, plus postage if applicable. Please contact your co-ordinator to order.

Welcome to new co-ordinators

Over the past six months we have had a "changing of the guard" in several centres. Please refer to the International Itinerary for contact details. In London we have a co-ordinating team comprising Andrew Downer, Ann Jewell and Franco Testatonda, who bring a wealth of varied skills and experience in the service of clients of the Usui Rei-ki Network.

In Dublin, Maggie Lyons is reorganising the local network and in Sydney Sharyn Winton takes over from Marie Voorma, who will now concentrate on her role as International Co-ordinator, including organisation of the next International Rei-ki II Retreat.

In Brisbane, Keigh-Lee Paroz and Sue Beavis are joint co-ordinators and in Tasmania, Anne Purtill will be co-ordinating the network out of Hobart.

Post Surgical Recovery


Sharon Winton, Sydney, Australia

A friend cut the top off his thumb in a saw accident. It was repaired surgically and he subsequently attended a physiotherapist in the hope of restoring mobility and sense of touch. He accepted my offer of rei-ki. During the rei-ki treatment, significant movement like a shifting was felt by us both in his thumb, lower arm and shoulder. Immediately afterwards, he reported that his thumb was a little more mobile and tactile. Several days later, after another physiotherapy session, he telephoned to report that the physiotherapist was amazed at his progress and encouraged my friend to continue "whatever he was doing".

Rei-ki helps toothache


Bernt Roelofs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

In the weeks before I went on a short camping holiday near Darwin in the Northern Territory, one of my teeth had become rather sensitive. The first night in Darwin I awoke with a terrible toothache and the next morning both jaws felt as if they were on fire. A dental x-ray quickly revealed that one of my wisdom teeth had developed a cavity and needed to be extracted.

A while before I had eight amalgam fillings replaced without anaesthetic but with lots of rei-ki. However I did agree to anaesthetic when this tooth was removed. The dentist told me to take a strong painkiller as I could expect it to ache for a few days. However I did not have to use any: I applied rei-ki II absently for the whole day and despite the gaping hole in my jaw, I literally didn't feel a thing! A few days later it did start aching a bit but a few more hours of rei-ki in absentia cleared that up too. After two months the hole at the site of the extraction is virtually undetectable.

Kissing it better with Rei-ki: The black eye that wasn’t


Margaret Norris, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My daughter Bronwyn, Rei-ki I, and I, Rei-ki II, were shopping with 18 months old Jake in a department store with a play centre in view. Jake hopped off a kiddie computer stool in favour of another toy, when he spotted a little girl had usurped 'his' stool. As he staggered back to reclaim it, he hit his head hard on the edge of the desk. In the few seconds it took for Mum and Grandma to reach him, he had already developed a 1 cm lump on his forehead and was screaming at the top of his lungs. After half an hour or so of rei-ki from both pairs of hands he was calming down and the bruising was lessening. After another half an hour there was virtually no bruising and the small cut had healed over. The next day there was a tiny mark under Jakes eye: that is all. We are so grateful to have rei-ki in our lives.

Kissing it better with Rei-ki: No-tears flower girl


Sue Hatzimachalis, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Kassia, our two and a half year old daughter, was to be flower girl at a wedding. In the excitement of arrival at the church, her older brother accidentally slammed her right little finger in the car door. It was bleeding and she was howling, so we bandaged it immediately. My husband, Nick, started distant healing with rei-ki II and I had my rei-ki hands comforting her. She wouldn't let us look at the injury, but insisted that we keep reiki'ing.

Even though x-rays subsequently revealed that she had a small break on the tip of her finger and the doctor expected she would lose the fingernail in about 6 - 8 weeks, Kassia enjoyed her first experience attending a wedding. As well, with lots of rei-ki from Mum and Dad, there was no evidence of bruising. The fingernail lifted only three days after the accident and the new nail started growing back a week later.

First Aid for exercise strain.


Adrienne Lohmeyer, South Australia

My husband and I spent a weekend completing maintenance on the family holiday shack on the Murray River. For over five hours on the Saturday, I undercoated and painted the walls of the bathroom.

By that night my entire right arm, including the shoulder, throbbed and ached so severely that I could expect no sleep. So I began reiki on my forearm and within 10 minutes the pain had reduced to almost nothing. After 20 minutes I switched to the elbow, and then my shoulder joint, for 20 minutes each, and then fell asleep. Next morning I had no stiffness anywhere in the arm, and was able to complete several more hours painting with no ill effects.

On another occasion I noticed a sharp sensation in my right thumb, while driving to give a rei-ki treatment to a friend. It was from a deeply lodged splinter, visible as a shadow under the skin. The painful area, about 2 cm, was red and swollen, and particularly sore when touched. I ignored the discomfort while I gave the one hour treatment, shared the cup of coffee and a chat, and then set off home. At home, I realised I had felt no pain in the thumb while driving. Checking it, the redness had reduced to barely 1 mm and the swelling had gone. The simplest and most pain-free splinter removal I have ever experienced.

Discovering the "real rei-ki".

It is unfortunate when you hear of people who undertake what they believe to be a 'real' rei-ki training, and are disappointed that it does not live up to expectations. Not all such training is authentic. Here are two examples of the contrast in results after taking the preferred rei-ki tuition with Barbara McGregor and Keven Duff.

The Turning Point


Carlene Anglim, Essex, U.K.

In 1994 I experienced an amazing rei-ki session with someone at a music festival and I was enthused to take rei-ki training myself. I attended a very small local class. While I obtained results, such as relief for my father's stiff neck and back, nevertheless I found I was becoming exhausted with the practice. I had to concentrate to build energy in my hands, and as this was stressful, I used it only sporadically. Barbara McGregor has since explained the possibility that I was drawing on my own life force energy, rather than the true rei-ki which originates externally and requires no effort.

In 2001 my 2 year old son had suffered pneumococcal septicaemia and suspected meningitis twice within the year, and could not talk. I was pregnant with twins and dealing with the stress of an alcoholic partner. The last straw was being pulled over for speeding while eight months pregnant, with my son in the back of the car with a brain infection and my husband absent on a binge.

The turning point came six months ago when my father asked me to organise a rei-ki session for him. Barbara McGregor's name stood out from the page of the listing in the booklet published by the Guild of Complementary Medicine. On contacting the UK co-ordinator, I discovered there was an 'overflow' seminar added to her teaching schedule due to popular demand. My parents offered to pay for my attendance and it has made a huge difference to my life. Since taking rei-ki I with Barbara McGregor, when I rei-ki someone it is no longer draining. It is the one thing that has kept me going through these past months.

I especially value the support of those in the Usui Rei-ki Network here in England who have been sending rei-ki II as distant healing for myself and my sons. The eldest has at last begun to talk and to cuddle and I no longer have fears about possible underlying conditions. What a difference Barbara McGregor's rei-ki training has made to my life. This was first written on my way to Rei-ki II class, on the weekend of my twins' first birthday. I am full of hope for what the next six months will bring.

Recovery From R.S.I.


Debbie Sunshine, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Back in 1998 I attended what was purported to be a ‘rei-ki’ course which, although it extended over two days, involved only one energy transference with the teacher, very little information and no apparent effect on the agonising R.S.I (repetitive strain injury) which affected my every waking moment.

Since 1994, doctors had prescribed ‘wonder drugs’, pain killers, opiates, anti-depressants and I had five nerve block injections. On the left side there was ‘permanent’ nerve damage. I had a continuous burning sensation in my wrist, elbow and left hand, which ultimately lost feeling in the middle finger, and eventually my right arm and both shoulders and neck were affected. A consultant specialist observed that it was one of the worst reported cases resulting from excessive keyboard work within the public service. I had attended a two week pain management program, so I could ‘learn to live with the condition for the rest of my life’. By 2001 I had left my work in the public service with compensation and was existing on a disability pension.

In early 2002 I was prompted to resume looking for alternatives, and was drawn to the Yellow Pages telephone listing for the Rei-ki Training Academy. I spoke at length to the Canberra co-ordinator, Sue Lake-Harris, who gave me confidence to attend Keven Duff’s Rei-ki Seminar. In contrast with my former rei-ki experience, I felt an intense energy sensation down my left arm and hand on the first night of the seminar, and after the second energy transfer, I had a tingling feeling in my numb middle finger and the healing crisis now included an acute headache and nausea. Keven reassured me during the class that a healing was taking place. Driving home after the four energy transfers, at the end of the third day of the rei-ki I seminar, I realised the ‘weird’ sensation in my left hand was the return of feeling to the finger that had been numb for seven years. And there was no pain!

I am working full time after years of being unable to do so, and I feel like a normal person again. I am looking forward to taking rei-ki II in October and seeing those two ‘earth angels’, Keven and Sue.

Cure for CD player’s hiccups!


Errol Leembruggen, Perth, Western Australia

You may have heard Barbara McGregor mention that there is nothing for which you cannot use rei-ki in everyday life. I took that suggestion literally when my CD player developed a fault. No matter which CD I tried to play, certain track numbers would stick , so the fault appeared to be with the player rather than one or other CD.

The manufacturer advised me that the problem was with the laser scanner and that the replacement would cost $250 AUD, which was pointless as a new player would cost much the same. So I decided to try Rei-ki II. I removed the cover but wasn't sure what a laser scanner should look like. I performed rei-ki II over the entire player, replaced the cover and turned on the system. It has since played without a hitch for more than six months!

Kids Enjoy Rei-ki Too


Sarah Bailey and Lottie Butler, Surrey, England

We want to thank the teacher and the co-ordinator for our weekend rei-ki I seminar. We had a brilliant time and learnt more there than we ever did in biology! It was a really nice atmosphere. We had been a bit worried about it because we would be the only children, but everyone was approachable and kind. We've been using rei-ki a lot. It's hard to find time for the horses but when we do, they really enjoy it, though they try not to show it. Pebbles always sways from side to side when receiving rei-ki, and Foxy nods off, while Barney is in too good health to notice. When watching television we do some rei-ki on the dogs and cat. They love it - we don't know what the guinea pigs and rats think! Our teachers sometimes question us because we rei-ki ourselves in their lessons and are continually relaxed. So thank you, very much, for this brilliant gift.

Vale Denise

We sadly report the passing of Denise Crundall (one of two Australian teachers of rei-ki trained by Beth Gray) on June 30 after a long illness. Denise's funeral was held in Melbourne on July 4, 2002, the date of her 56th birthday. Denise, a former yoga teacher, had been teaching rei-ki in Australia and California since 1989, with a particular dedication to palliative care and working in the field of HIV/AIDS. She leaves many thousands of graduates grateful for her commitment and unconditional love. Denise is survived by her husband John and children Sean, Peter and Monique. A floral tribute was sent on behalf of Rev Beth Gray, Barbara McGregor and the International Usui Reiki Network.