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Fires Burning


Barbara McGregor, founder and governing director of the Usui Reiki Network International.

Barbara McGregor circa 2003 In many parts of Australia we have had the worst fires in living memory, conflagrations which have destroyed hundreds of homes and randomly taken innocent lives. With it have come countless acts of unheralded courage and selfless neighbourliness, reminiscent of stories of wartime blitzkrieg. Why is it that it takes the worst of times to bring out the best in us?

From a metaphysical perspective, must those in ‘safe’ societies and countries experience the kind of devastation which, in other parts of the world, may be visited upon ordinary folk by the wilful acts of powerful men? Do we need reminding that every human life is precious and irreplaceable and our homes our most sacred possession!

A recent documentary revealed that, at the current rate of clearance, it will take 1,000 years to clear all the landmines lying just below the surface of today’s untrodden ground in many parts of Africa, Europe and Asia. In these acutely flammable times, many folk in the Advanced Level of Rei-ki have been sending healing energy in response to firestorms; others regularly send the light to support decisions for the highest good in the corridors of power.

If you are already practising Rei-ki 2, please make the commitment to an hour’s distant healing meditation for World Peace and Harmony, every day. (After all, you will receive an hour’s benefit for you as well.)

If you have not yet progressed to the Advanced Level of Rei-ki, please consider taking that step at the next opportunity, not solely for the good you can contribute in the healing of yourself, your family and friends but because it is truly the time for a quantum leap in consciousness in our troubled world. Please invite your friends to share the enlightenment of rei-ki with you.

Happy 85th Birthday to Beth Gray

Beth Gray

Please remember to send greetings to Beth for her birthday on 11th April 2003, to:
      707 Elm Street,
      San Carlos
      CA 94070 USA.
      Beth is thrilled to receive cards and photographs from those who share her rei-ki legacy.

Burnt, not blistered!


Marianne Fountaine, Melbourne, Australia

The BBQ was lit outside, oil was heating in the pan and I dashed inside for something. On my return, it was already dark and, without checking, I tossed in the potatoes and … whoosh! Hot oil spattered the palm of my right hand and up the tender inside area of my arm. I ran cold water for a minute or so and then sat and applied rei-ki to the area for the rest of the evening, about four hours. Remarkably, it did not hurt very much. I was then able to sleep without any pain or dressings.

The next morning there was small red patch at the base of my wrist: no blisters, no swelling and no pain. Without rei-ki I would most definitely have had a huge and painful blister on my palm and would have required medical treatment. When I went to wash the polo fleece sweater I had been wearing, the spattered oil had melted the ‘fleece’ part and turned the woven material underneath into a hard lump. That oil had been extra hot!

Distinct Improvements with Rei-ki


Eunice Traeger, Mannum, South Australia

During my rei-ki I seminar the teacher, Barbara McGregor, observed that I held my neck awkwardly. After some discussion, she suggested that it might be time to let go of the problem related to my neck. I gave this considerable thought and acknowledged that it was related to an operation I had when I was six years old and my tonsils were removed without adequate anaesthesia. Over many years since, I had suffered with repeated and severe sore throat.

Every morning after the seminar I applied rei-ki, and mobility in my neck has noticeably improved; the tightness has gone and I am now able to stand completely straight. My singing voice has also improved, according to others’ observation.

Shortly after taking rei-ki I, I noticed that I was experiencing a number of symptoms, including discomfort in my left kidney. I had also noticed that I was very much calmer and, since I was taking blood pressure medication, decided to have my blood pressure checked. My doctor was amazed to find that my blood pressure had improved enough to reduce the dose to half – within two weeks of completing the seminar. The doctor has indicated that he feels I could soon be taken off the medication altogether.

At around the same time I returned for further checks for glaucoma. The pressure in the eye was found to be quite normal and stable. The doctor is so impressed with what has been achieved with rei-ki that he wants more information.

Miracle on Main Street


Victoria Resch, Double Bay, NSW, Australia.

The poor man was clearly in enormous pain, though trying to be brave. I knelt down beside him, as he explained that he had rounded the corner at a run, expecting the ground to be level and, instead, had crashed down three steps, landing splayed on the footpath, unable to get up and, as I said, in terrible pain.

‘I learnt something at a workshop that’s supposed to help with things like this’ I told him, taking care to present it in as down-to-earth a way as one can, when suggesting something not exactly mainstream to the ‘man in the street’, or in this case, on the street. ‘It’s a sort of healing, laying-on-of-hands’ thing called rei-ki. Would you like me to give it a go and see if it helps?’
‘Oh! yes please, ‘ he gasped, ‘anything that could help!’

The pain was centred in his knee and, as I cupped it in my hands, he calmed noticeably. The knee felt strangely hollow. There was a large lump above his knee to the side and then I realised that the lump above the knee was, in fact, his kneecap, dislocated in the fall. I continued the rei-ki until the paramedic arrived on a motor cycle ambulance. He placed the leg in a splint, and asked how recently the man had eaten and drunk since he would need to be placed under an anaesthetic to have the knee-cap relocated, once x-rays revealed precisely what manipulation was needed to re-align it.

While the splint was being positioned I held his hand, maintaining the flow of rei-ki energy and, when the ambulance officer had finished, I quietly returned my hands to the hollow and lump that, together, would have been a knee. About ten minutes later the ambulance arrived with two more paramedics and the three of them lifted the man onto a stretcher to place him in the ambulance. As they did so, the man let out a yell – a yelp even. Then he was quiet and the tension that had kept his face taut with pain suddenly melted into a look of blessed relief.

‘The knee has relocated itself!’, exclaimed one paramedic.
‘I don’t believe it, I’ve never seen such a thing!’, said another.
‘Maybe it was the rei-ki’, I said quietly, careful not to create resistance by proselytising.

It was wonderful, though, to have such a rich opportunity to open up the possibility to those present, that the remarkable thing which they had all witnessed was perhaps a miracle with an explanation - and a name – rei-ki.

I related this event to a medical specialist who was even more impressed with the outcome than I had been. Have you any idea the force that it takes to replace a dislocated kneecap? Without some extra force operating there is no way that kneecap could have just slipped back into place as the three men simply lifted him very carefully and gently onto the stretcher. That force was not the brute force usually required for such a manipulation. It seems that force was called … rei-ki.

No Pain after Major Operation


Danuta Mudd, East Maitland NSW, Australia.

My husband Rodney finally succumbed to having a hip replacement operation after years of pain from the dreaded arthritis. I performed Rei-ki I hands-on every day for weeks prior to the operation, to ease his pain.

When Rod awoke in post-operative recovery he accepted the rei-ki, so, positioning myself around his drips and tubes and monitors, I placed my hands on his chest. My hands were immediately drawn ‘further in’ like a magnet … they felt as though they were virtually in his chest. Within a couple of minutes the intensity of the heat in my hands was almost unbearable.

The next day upon my return visit, much to my surprise Rod was sitting up as bright as a button and very happily told me that he had already been out of bed. He was in no pain! That really shocked me as it was expected the pain would be considerable.

When again he accepted my offer of rei-ki, I prepared myself for a similarly intense experience but it did not happen in that way again, just ‘normal’ rei-ki from then on.

That afternoon the physiotherapist came in and showed Rod what needed to be done by him in order to make a complete recovery. At the end of the visit the physiotherapist asked Rod how he was managing the pain. Rod was pleased to be able to tell him that he was in no pain. ‘We don't want you to be a martyr - if you need something it is there for you,’ urged the physiotherapist, ‘you'll be having some shortly.’ (Morphine, that is.)

This type of conversation went on every day with the nurses, doctor and physio. Rod was in hospital for six days. They just could not believe that there was no pain at all. In the meantime, every visit I sat there giving rei-ki to him, at least twice a day.

To this day (nine weeks later) Rod has not had any painkillers of any description. Rod’s rate of recovery has amazed everyone, including himself. I have since done Rei-ki 2 with very positive feedback.

Rei-ki Calm


Marlene Wood, Beenleigh Qld

For the past five years I had been reading about rei-ki and finally decided to attend a rei-ki seminar. So I had a wonderful few days indulging myself over a rei-ki weekend – quite the best value for money I have spent in a long time. During the weekend I enjoyed the home exercises we were given and experienced a calm not possible before. I came away feeling as if I had removed a heavy coat – kind of unburdening!

Keen to start using the rei-ki energy, I offered my first treatment just two days after the seminar. My friend, also a massage therapist, felt so relaxed she was in a deep sleep after I finished her treatment, so I left her to snooze for another 20 minutes. Several days later she rang me and said she was in a traffic jam, unlikely to pick up her children from school on time but not even stressing, whereas before she would have been in a panic. She is now coming to me regularly for rei-ki.

My husband had his first treatment a few days later (he has worked with strong chemicals for 20 years). The right side of his nose unblocked for the first time in many years and the following morning he was breathing in fully through both nostrils for the first time in ages. He now also has regular rei-ki. My daughter has lost the urge to binge eat since she started receiving rei-ki. Best of all I can rei-ki myself. Soon my ‘panic free’ friend and my daughter will take rei-ki, so we can start a rei-ki group, and I am planning to take Rei-ki 2.

No longer ‘thin skinned’


Julie Hayes, Queenbeyan, Australia.

After many years of sun damage and subsequent topical chemotherapy, the skin on my forearms had become very fragile. I am 50, but the skin looks like you see on much older people: blotchy, bruised and torn. It only takes one little bump and I have a bruise or skin tear the size of a 50 cent piece.

On the second day of my Rei-ki I seminar with Keven Duff I bumped my arm, so I thought I’d try my newfound gift on the area. Sure enough, up came the bleeding but it stopped pretty quickly. Whereas it usually takes two weeks for the marks to disappear, this time they went within six days.

That was good but how to keep it up? We have formed a small but keen rei-ki group where the other folks rei-ki my forearms directly (as on myself I am limited to a small area at a time). It takes a much heavier bump now before the skin ‘tears’ and if there is bleeding, it stops very quickly and doesn’t spread into a massive bruise – as long as I’m quick with my rei-ki hands!