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Miracle Babies: Welcome to Connor after Mum’s cancer scare


Sue Lake-Harris, Queanbeyan, NSW Australia

Connar and Mum Sue doing well

My newborn son, Connor, is truly a ‘miracle child’. Going back to 1980, I thought then I might never become a mother because ‘out of the blue’ I was diagnosed with cervical cancer (CN3). Despite having annual PAP smears and only six weeks after a ‘normal’ smear test, I haemorrhaged at work.

Within 24 hours I was informed I required surgery, the minimum being a cone biopsy, dilation and curette, involving the removal of the surface tissue of the cervix and scraping of the interior surface of the womb. Immediate pathology testing would determine if there was a more serious problem, then worst-case scenario, a hysterectomy would be required on-the-spot - otherwise I would be on drug treatment with six monthly checkups and pathology to ensure the cancer had not returned. I would not know until emerging from anesthesia which was the outcome. Fortunately, although the cancer had progressed rapidly from level 3 to 4, it was entirely excised from the cervix and a hysterectomy was not required.

The future possibility of bearing children was dubious, as in such a case, scarring can limit conception or otherwise cause miscarriage. Sometimes with a stitch to the mouth of the womb, pregnancy may proceed to term by require delivery by Caesarean section. I had a lot of scarring. However, a the time my partner, Roger, and I were not planning to have children.

Moving on to 1997, I severely injured my ankle in a dance accident and was told by my medical specialist that I would never dance again. As I worked as a teacher of theatrical performance, I was determined to prove him wrong but six months of conventional treatment provided little improvement. So with some skepticism I attended a rei-ki seminar on the recommendation of a respected friend. By the end of the three day seminar, the pain in my ankle had disappeared and less than one month later I won a leading role in a local production of “A Chorus Line” after a three hour dance audition!

Connor soon after birthThe really big surprise was advice from my doctor at my next gynaecological checkup that the cervical scar tissue had disappeared! Having a baby became possible.

In 1999, when I became the area co-ordinator for the Usui Rei-ki Network in Canberra, my husband took rei-ki I and later rei-ki 2 with Keven Duff, and in 2002, after much soul searching, we ceased birth control and apart from giving myself rei-ki every day, I took sensible precautions to avoid toxins and very soon became pregnant. Approaching 40, I had almost no nausea, little excess weight gain, no swelling in my legs, no sleep problems nor back pain. In fact, I worked right up until two days before my labour commenced.

Disappointingly the baby presented breech and a last minute Caesarean was performed, but with much absent healing support In absentia from rei-ki 2 graduates. The hospital staff commented on what a calm and loving atmosphere prevailed during this ‘emergency’ - Connor James arrived with his ankles around his ears on July 9, 2004, seven weeks before my 40th birthday and is delightfully calm, happy, healthy and beautiful and, thanks to rei-ki, his mature age parents have plenty of energy to deal with him. Many thanks also to all those rei-ki 2 helpers for their distant healing.

Honouring Beth Gray

Rev. Beth Gray Beth Gray is 87 on April 11, 2005.
She continues in her retirement in California and acknowledgements and greetings, as well as distant healing, may be sent to her in residence at:
707 Elm Street,
San Carlos,
CA 94070 USA.

Migraine and Insomnia Recovery


HCL Kok, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Before I discovered rei-ki, my entire life was miserable, stressful, and seemed meaningless altogether. For the past ten years I had terrible migraines and severe neck pain every day, such that I could not sleep until 3-4 am and was constantly having to take drugs for migraine ad insomnia. Within two months of taking the rei-ki I seminar, many wonderful changes happened to me. The migraine and neck pain have gone, with only an occasional mild attack. I can sleep much better and am no longer dependent on expensive drugs.

Before rei-ki I bruised easily with long-lasting unsightly purple marks. Now after a knock, I need only five minutes of rei-ki to heal within two days with only a slight pink mark in the meantime.

My outlook on everyday life has changed dramatically. I have learned to co-ordinate and organise my life in a better way, to forgive and have compassion for others, and to be more self confident in all my decisions. So now I have convinced my mother, aged 65, and my two daughters, 21 and 16, and even my sister to join the next rei-ki seminar.

Neck Spasm Quick Fix


Linda Jones, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

One of the nursing assistants at a nursing home felt a sneeze coming on, so quickly turned her head away from the food tray she was carrying and unexpectedly locked a muscle in her back so severely that she passed out in pain. informed of this later in the lunch hour, I placed one of my rei-ki hands on her back for about 5-10 minutes when I heard and felt a 'pop' under my hand. Then she took some deep breaths and could move her head and shoulders. So she cancelled her appointment with the physiotherapist that afternoon as she had no pain and full movement - thanks to rei-ki.

Helping hands for extreme pain


Precious Joy Gordon, London, UK.

Last year a Mrs Mason sought my help after suffering weeks of severe tension headaches and pain throughout her whole body, which painkillers had not improved over the last fortnight. She was also on medication for high blood pressure, never ending joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis (worse in her right knee) and suffered poor sleep, constant tiredness, poor blood circulation and loss of appetite.

When I first opened my door to Mrs Mason, who was physically supported by her friend, I must admit I was nervous. She was looking very grey and appeared on the verge of collapsing. I checked that she had consulted her doctor about her symptoms before I explained what the rei-ki treatment involved.

When I started the hands-on rei-ki treatment, the energy around the front and sides of her head felt very hot, tingly and heavy while the back of her head felt icy cold. After 30 minutes the energy flow was free, light and warm. I then proceeded to cover the basic areas of her body plus extra rei-ki attention to her knees. The first treatment lasted 2 and a quarter hours and Mrs mason responded well, departing with a smile. She arrived at the second of five more weekly sessions smartly dressed, wearing lipstick, and said she felt like a new woman!

Here are Mrs Mason's comments about her rei-ki treatments:
"It was remarkable. It took away many of the pains I used to feel in my body. There has been a vast improvement in my overall health from the time I received the first rei-ki treatment. I have been sleeping well all nights, my blood pressure has gone down and my doctor reduced the strength of my medication. I feel 100 per cent improvement in my whole body. What a wonderful relief.

IVF Not required


IVF Not required by Jennifer Briggs, Brisbane, Queensland

After two years of trying to conceive, my husband and I were both upset at our apparent infertility. After investigative surgery, I was told that I could not conceive naturally as my tubes were blocked and damaged, made worse by having Endometriosis and Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Medical advice was that it would be dangerous to continue trying to a baby naturally and recommended IVF if we wanted to have our own children. My husband and I were both devastated by this news but began saving for IVF.

Around this time I came across the Usui Rei-ki Network at a health festival in Brisbane, and after a ten minute experience of rei-ki for the first time, enquired about further treatments. It was my good fortune to receive two complimentary treatments from the Brisbane co-ordinators in their own time, and I then decided to take the rei-ki I course myself so that I could continue the healing experience, but had to wait another six months for the next course.

In the meantime, about four or five weeks after my first rei-ki treatment, I discovered that I was pregnant and my baby was not 'stuck' in my tubes. My husband and I, and our whole family, were thrilled everything was in the right place.

As at the time of writing, I am six months along with a healthy baby wriggling around in my tum. I have completed the rei-ki I course and give the baby two hands-on sessions a day. The baby moves to position herself under my rei-ki hands and has a wriggle.. It is so beautiful.

Rei-ki has brought me a wonderful gift.

Distant blessings for 81 yr old in Brazil


Elvira Divina Mazzinga, Perth, WA

My 81 y.o. mother, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, developed diabetes 25 years ago. For the last ten years she has had problems with blood coagulation and thrombosis in her legs. So I have been searching for natural therapies to complement the medical treatments she receives, which led me to rei-ki.

Eighteen months ago friends were helping me by sending Advanced Level Rei-ki 2 over distance to her. After taking this training myself six months ago, now I can help her with absent healing from Perth, Western Australia, and I do every single day. Since then, every time she visits her medical specialists they ask her what is going on, as her health is improving.

Also, rei-ki has helped me in my personal life, with my family and a range of people who have come to me asking for help. Thanks to God for all these blessings.

Baby talk with rei-ki 2


Chrissie McMaster, Brisbane, Qld Australia

My friend's 17 months old baby grandchild screamed every time she was taken near water, whether it was a bath, a shower, or even the laundry tub. Swimming was out of the question as was a visit to the beach. Getting the little one clean had become a torment, and she was just being sponged. The problem had begun about a year ago but no-one knew its origins.

I offered to send some rei-ki 2 Advanced Level healing to her over distance, and received a message telepathically from the baby that someone had tried to drown her one night, to stop her from crying. Apparently the young parents had left her with an unsuitable babysitter one evening, when she was five months old.

During distant healing with rei-ki 2, I asked of the baby girl what she needed to heal, and the response was "Reassurance from my grandmother".

My friend immediately set about giving this, and they had a bath together that night and splashed and played together for the first time. A week later my friend reported that the mother had given the baby a bath, because the child actually asked for it, and then another time mother and daughter had a shower together - which was just as well, as the family was about to move into a new house where there was no bath.

Tsunami Message


Barbara McGregor, founder of the Usui Rei-ki Network International and rei-ki master teacher

Tsunami wave artwork

When the Tsunami first hit so wide an area and so many millions of people, I was deeply affected and it rather threw out the window any composition of poetic thoughts about joy and abundance for the year ahead.

For me Christmas represents the anniversary of a moment in time when unconditional love and forgiveness and the possibility of redemption became manifest through an Enlightened Being - perhaps not the only one, nor the only time, but the One who has touched our times, and even the unbelievers. That was also an era of religious zealotry, oppressive military dictatorship and ethnic divides, yet it bore the seed of belief in peace and love as the destiny of mankind, flowering today, but not yet bearing universal fruit.

So when the Tsunami hit so close to the date we associate with the anniversary of the arrival of this Messiah, I looked for the Christ principle at work in the situation. Many have been sacrificed and many, many more bereft beyond or imaginings. There has been an outpouring from the rest of the world: feelings of compassion and the urge to make a difference inspiring floods of money to most efficiently underwrite the necessities - food, pure water, medical aid and eventually reconstruction. We are saving our consciences and expressing gratitude that we have been spared, individually. We saw by instant video reporting medical and relief workers toiling alongside military personnel, a powerful yin:yang image yet to take universal root in the Collective Unconscious around the planet.

In the Chinese script, the glyph for Crisis is the same as for Opportunity. So what is the opportunity in the situation?

Most of the countries ravaged share a history of bloody fighting on religious or ethnic grounds with forms of dictatorship at rule (with the exception of Thailand which only recently has had a foretaste of violence resulting from religious dissent). Aceh within Indonesia and Sri Lanka in particular, not only have the worst reported death tolls but unfortunately, by the second week after the event, hints of underground hostilities persisting in the pattern of some 20 years past, rather than our hoped for total truce. No-one knows the extent of havoc in Burma, although it was undoubtedly affected: East Africa: Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania have also been touched now and in past decades.

Yet some of the world's most idyllic and peaceful Islands also have been virtually wiped out, as if Nature cannot endure an Eden in a world dominated by man's primal territorial aggression.

In rei-ki, we are accessing the energy of unconditional love, of healing and compassion, which we can direct positively to support those at hand who have been dealt a tidal wave of unexpected grief and distress, for whatever reason. my assumption is that all those who have taken training in the advanced level of rei-ki will now be applying their gift to send over distance the energy of loving kindness In absentia to the people in the Tsunami-hit regions surrounding the Indian Ocean, for the highest good.

If we accept this signal that 2005 should become an era of peace and goodwill for all mankind, then focus not only on the clear need of the people for immediate alleviation of their wounds and their hunger and thirst, but also the long term bigger picture of lasting compassion and harmony, so the horrors of the moment may not be compounded by long-term terrors.

We can also honour those who have passed over without warning, by reliving their choices on any given day, in a blessed state of awareness that nobody has a guarantee of tomorrow. Imagine that, unlike those sitting by pool or beach on that warm tropical holiday, you had foreknowledge. Whom would you forgive, whom would you reach out to for forgiveness; to whom would you open your heart and which one would you let go, to best ensure your mutual survival?

Geoscience Australia, which monitors earthquake magnitudes from a network around the world, reports that the initial earthquake off Sumatra generated shock waves on the surface of the earth (distinct from ocean waves) which circled the earth five times in 16 hours. 96 after-shocks measuring 5 or more on the Richter scale registered in the immediate aftermath, with the probability that 500 or more could have been generated below the scale of 4 (which are not reported). So geophysically, we are all touched by these shocks, as much as we are by the events and, most effectively, by the pictures beamed around the planet via our modern technology to vividly impact each viewer, no matter how distant.

Yet in macro-time, without collisions between tectonic plates without the resultant rising of continents and their mountains, and despite the immediate devastations caused by quakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, the world ultimately would become inertly moon-like, entirely covered by a shallow sea habitable only by amphibians and marine creatures. It appears that the short-term mindless 'evil' is a millennial blessing in disguise for the Earth and the continuation of Life as we know it. As always, it's a matter of perspective how you view your reality.

So in this context, I wish you a year of positive self realisation, embracing wholeheartedly all the good that comes your way without guilt or rejection, with joy in the moment and remembering Dr Usui's precepts:

Every day, do not anger, accept.
Every day, do not worry, accept.
Every day, count your blessings
and be kind to every living thing.

Why sit idle when you can be using your rei-ki hands to powerful effect, at home or abroad?