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Lamas Enjoy Reiki Healing


Evelyn Chong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

image Three months after graduating from Reiki, I made my first trip to Nepal, to receive some Buddhist teachings and blessings. Upon arrival at Katmandu, one of the head monks was desperately looking for painkillers to relieve his severe headache, which he had for ten days.

A fellow visitor suggested that I might give him a rei-ki first aid treatment, and although I felt over-awed, this senior lama accepted the suggestion. So right there in front of a campfire, I rei-ki'd his head. On the painful right side it was pulsating under my hands and, after 20 minutes, it subsided. Although his pain had lessened, I asked to keep my hands on his head for another 10 minutes. Suddenly I experienced a sharp sensation from my throat right down to my stomach, and then further, as though I needed to go to the toilet. Having dismissed it in the way we are taught in our rei-ki class, I asked the lama if he had digestive concerns. He confirmed that he had liver and stomach problems and could not hold his food for long. Wow! I was pleased with the diagnostic information.

Seated next to him was another senior monk, who said that it was his turn next! His eyes had been painful, coupled with a headache, for some time, and medicine and eye drops had not helped much. So I found my hands on another cleanshaven head. When there was not much energy drawing there, I decided to go to his eyes, and the right eye felt as if it was about to pop out! When the rei-ki pulsations slowed down I asked him how he was and he said 'Much Better', so again I asked to continue. Then I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, and thought, 'It can't be mine as I was just standing there!' I dismissed the pain, and later he confirmed that he had consistent lower back pain for a few years!

Redback Bite worse than a Flea in the Ear!


Roger Tindale, Carwoola, NSW, Australia

image One Easter we were having visitors, so I decided to mow our untidy lawn while my wife, Sue, concentrated on cooking. So I grabbed my noise-protecting earmuffs and gunned the mower.

Doing a lap of the yard, I felt a sharp pricking on the outside of my left ear. I thought there must be a grass seed in the earmuff on that side, so I simply lifted it, tapped a few times, then put it back down.

About thirty seconds later, there was another stabbing pain. Drat, I thought, I must have only dislodged the seed and shifted it to a more uncomfortable position. Another lift, tap, and replace session. Another stabbing pain. I didn't want to stop the mower, so I repeated my earlier tapping session more vigorously, and for longer. Earmuff down, and this time excruciating stabbing pain.

This time I did turn off the mower and remove the earmuffs to examine them (and get rid of that blasted 'seed'!). Imagine my dismay when the seed turned out to be a very large, notoriously poisonous, Redback spider, which thought its home was inside my earmuffs.

I swore a few times and, ignoring Dr Usui's precept about being kind to all living things, squashed it.

The thing had bitten me four times! I was beginning to feel extreme pain all over the left side of my head and running down my neck. We live rurally, and the hospital emergency department was a drive away. I stuck my head through the kitchen doorway and, as calmly as possible, asked Sue to drive me to hospital. "I've been bitten by a redback!" We calculated it was 10 minutes since the first bite and things were getting serious.

"Put your rei-ki hands on!," she commanded as we drove off. As expected with rei-ki, the pain temporarily intensified en route.

Yet, by the time we reached the hospital, I was still in pain, but no worse than before applying rei-ki. We informed the triage nurse it was now 20 minutes since the first Redback spider bite. While I was being examined, Sue phoned a number of local folk trained in the Advanced Level of rei-ki, with a request to send distant healing.

The doctor didn't want to give anti-venom. It can be dangerous if a reaction hasn't set in, or if it's a bite from a different type of spider, although I had recognised it as a Redback, having dealt with them numerous times in my work in property maintenance.

So we waited. The hospital staff expected full blown reactions to develop: sweating, shortness of breath, weakness, more pain, etc. Yet nothing. Nothing happened at all, apart from a sore ear. It reminded me of how a bee sting felt when I was a kid.

Five hours later (after having rei-ki'd my ear and using only an ice pack), I was allowed to go home. The hospital staff were mystified. Our Easter dinner proceeded without a hitch, and I was very grateful for all the rei-ki 2 support. Otherwise, I know I would have been seriously ill.

Rei-ki Eye Openers #1


Chia Wai Man, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of many rei-ki miracle stories is about a friend's brother who is a crane driver. Following an accident to his right eye, the nerves in the eyelid were damaged and after two months of medical attention it remained permanently closed. He went from doctor to doctor to seek help, but was told nothing much could be done until the body healed itself.

So he accepted my offer of ten rei-ki treatments. After the first couple of rei-ki sessions he did not feel much sensation, but thought the medicine was working better. Then his closed eyelid began to lift up, bit by bit.

I can still remember on the morning of his seventh treatment, he announced excitedly that his eyeball was now able to move. As we had agreed, he completed his ten rei-ki treatments with me and was able to return to work. So in two weeks rei-ki stimulated his healing in a way medicine could not achieve in some two months of little hope of recovery.

The happy ending is that he got back his sight, and the Lions club of Kuala Pilah has a permanent donor for our yearly fund-raising project.

Helping Hands for Stroke Sufferers #1


Jackie Farrell, London, England

After Rei-ki 1 training with Barbara McGregor in London in 2001, I had the opportunity to offer rei-ki hands-on to a lady recovering from a stroke four years earlier,whilst I was on a holiday in Cyprus.

Since that time she had been confined to wheelchair, paralysed down one side and on daily painkillers. When I explained the benefits of rei-ki she was happy to receive some treatment and, after a short session as we sat around the swimming pool, she observed that she could feel some warm sensations in the paralysed side, where she had no feeling for four years.

After a full body rei-ki treatment the next day whilst her husband was present, the energy started to flow and she felt slight warmth and tingling in the areas where I was putting my hands. Then, suddenly, one of the fingers which she had been unable to move since the stroke, jerked visibly! She took no further painkillers for the rest of her holiday, nor for a week or more after her return to England.

I have had many other extraordinary healing opportunities with rei-ki since that time.

Helping Hands for Stroke Sufferers #2


K Lean, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The first to hear that my father was suffering what seemed like symptoms of a stroke or cerebral haemorrhage, I rushed home and arrived within 15 minutes. Dad was conscious and alert, and even managed to ask me if I was scared! His speech was slurred and he was quite shaky. When I remembered 'I can do rei-ki', I became very calm and I applied my hands for quarter of an hour. I could feel my father relaxing and when he spoke, he still sounded weak but his speech was returning to normal. He could even walk on his own when we sent him to the hospital minutes later. I witnessed the 'before and after rei-ki' difference and was totally amazed.

Honouring Beth Gray


Rev Beth Gray will be 88 on April 11, 2006, and although frail she is in good health. Advanced level rei-ki folk are invited to send distant healing rei-ki for Beth, or please send airmail cards to:

San Carlos Elms,
707 Elm Street,
San Carlos, CA 94070 USA.

Rei-ki Eye Openers #2


Henry Satrapa, Canberra, ACT, Australia

The daughter of a friend of one of the members of our rei-ki group had a very bad injury to one eye. She and some friends were playing with a tennis ball, chucking it to one another quite hard to make it difficult to catch, all in good fun. Unfortunately one speeding ball struck her in the eye, badly lacerating the eyeball and popping it out of its socket.

Of course she was taken to hospital straight away, where the eye surgeon, after examining the eye which he had put back in its socket, said that he would have to operate urgently next morning to remove the eye as it was so badly damaged that there was no hope of repairing it.

So that night our rei-ki group who practise distant healing in the Advanced Level of rei-ki, and as many rei-ki 2 people as we could contact, all sent distant healing to that injured girl's eye for as long as we could, some of us for hours.

The next morning the surgeon could not believe what he was seeing. The girl's eye had settled back into its socket; she had only a little pain and most of the injury had healed to the point where the surgeon decided that he must have made a mistake the night before. There was no need for for emergency surgery. The eye still had to be bandaged for a while as it was very light sensitive.

We continued to send distant healing in the Advanced Level of rei-ki for that eye on and off for some weeks, until her mother reported that her daughter's eye and vision was back to normal.

Head-On Collision


James Mills, Brisbane, Qld Australia

My little brother and I banged our heads together, as testosterone fuelled young men tend to do. My immediate thought was to rei-ki the area, to prevent swelling and hasten the healing process, so I put my hands on my head pronto. My mother's instinct was to apply a cold pack of ice for my brother. After ten minutes, I was sweating with the heat of the rei-ki on my forehead, but the bruise and lump had completely gone. After the same amount of time with the traditional ice pack, my younger brother was still in pain and there was a big discoloured lump on his forehead. At that time, my mother would not let me rei-ki him, but now she knows better and so do I! No more head butting.

A Friend in Need


Lynne Jones, London, England (UK rei-ki co-ordinator)

Returning home abuzz from our most recent very inspiring rei-ki seminar in Chelsea, I was prompted to clear my emails, although late in the evening.

Just as well, as a friend's husband was extremely ill after returning from a week's diving in the Red Sea off Egypt. His voice on the phone when I rang was barely recognisable, even though we have been friends for decades. With my training in naturopathy and aromatherapy, I drew up a list of remedies to arrange for delivery, which would take a day or two, but meanwhile I could send distant healing via Advanced Level rei-ki, which I promptly did whilst relaxing in front of the television. The energy flow in my hands was very strong in what we term the first position, so that is where I stayed (over the diaphragm area, liver, spleen etc).

Two mornings later, my friend rang to thank me for the remedies, sounding quite recognisable although still weak. On enquiry, he said he felt much better the morning after our first phone conversation, although he had been asleep when I was sending Advanced Level rei-ki (which works just as well when the subject is sleeping). Better still, he was able to eat a bit, after now being able to eat for nearly a week. He continued to improve as I sent more rei-ki and he took the remedies provided. As they live an hour's drive away, I blessed the gift of being able to send Advanced Level rei-ki from afar in emergencies such as this.

A Personal Best


Henry Satrapa, Canberra, ACT, Australia

A few years after I first trained in rei-ki, when I was a bit younger and much fitter, I used to go jogging and cross country running in the bush through Molonglo Valley, near where I live. One of the things I used to do was to compete against myself. I would often jog to the same hilltop and from there back home, trying to better my PB (personal best).

One day in the early morning, I was speeding over rough ground near that particular hilltop and momentarily didn't look where I was putting my feet. Of course I stepped on a loose stone, which went from under me, and I twisted my ankle badly. It was so bad, I couldn't put my foot on the ground. What to do? I was miles from home and nobody knew where I was - I used to vary where I ran quite a bit, so I wouldn't get bored with the same route all the time.

So I took off my boots and already my ankle was starting to swell. I clamped both my hands around the ankle and rei-ki'd it for about half an hour. In that 30 minutes the swelling went down and the pain almost disappeared, so I put my boot back on and walked to the top of that particular hill. For some crazy reason I decided to jog home, instead of walking carefully.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that I had done a PB. I took off my boots immediately on my arrival home and again rei-ki'd my ankle for an hour. This resulted in all pain ceasing and my ankle swelling disappeared. Who could believe that I had so badly twisted my ankle in Mongolo that I had been unable to put my foot on the ground.