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Little Miracle after MS Diagnosis


Lisa O’Dwyer, Perth, Western Australia

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after several brief attacks. A year later a major attack led to a complete shutdown, affecting my eyesight, slurred speech, gait, and my entire left side. Christmas 1999 meant hospitalisation.

My father, Errol Leembruggen, is the Usui Reiki coordinator for W.A, so I have received rei-ki consistently, with constant encouragement to take the course myself. Eventually, in September 2004, I took the rei-ki training, and from that time my health has continued to improve. A year later I decided to try for a much wanted baby.

My little miracle, Riley, was born recently. With the help of rei-ki, including absent healing from his grandfather and friends, I had only two and a half hours labour, with no pain relief required - a stark contrast with the birth of my first child 10 years ago, when I had a hard 14 hour labour and a very distressed baby girl. It is wonderful to know that I am giving my very placid son rei-ki, every time I hold him in my arms.

Lumps & Bumps #1


Diana Thomson, Canberra, Australia

A week before my Advanced Level Rei-ki seminar, I noticed a small growth on my chest, like a dark, lumpy mole.

It became inflamed with a raised red ring and I determined to see my doctor the following week. In the meantime I practiced lots of hands-on rei-ki 1, and attended the class.

At the end of the Rei-ki 2 seminar, after many hours of rei-ki, I happened to brush my hand across my chest. I felt a sharp sting and realised that the growth had virtually dropped off. Two days later, when I saw the doctor, it was almost impossible to see where it had been.

Lumps & Bumps #2


Mahes Remalingam, London, UK

My daughter at age 10 was plagued by warts (verrucas) on most of her fingers, some larger than others. Fortnightly, our GP used liquid nitrogen to burn them off, but, after four months of this painful process, there was little improvement. My sister in Malaysia offered to perform distant healing with Rei-ki II. Surprisingly, within a couple of weeks the verrucas began to disappear - large and small. As a direct result both I and my daughter Navina, now 12, have taken the Rei-ki I course, and I have advanced to Rei-ki II. Now I can reciprocate with distant healing to my family.

Lumps & Bumps #3


Moira Anderson, London, UK

When I was on a skiing holiday, my friend had chilblains on her toes for three days. I applied rei-ki to her toes, and it was amazing - I felt a very cold breeze apparently coming out of the ends of her feet - and her toes got better there and then.

Office Help #1


Helen Brewer, London, UK

A work colleague had been ill for a month with a chest infection, was hospitalised and received high doses of antibiotics. When he returned to work the chest infection was gone, but he was exhausted. The office situation did not permit a full rei-ki treatment, so I gave him Rei-ki I hands-on to his adrenals on the back, the chest and shoulders. After half an hour he felt the tightness in his chest ease, and he felt more relaxed.

The next day he broke out in a rash across his forehead. I related Barbara McGregor's advice about Candida healing crises after antibiotics, and encouraged him to drink plenty of water and have bio-yogurts to help his body recover.

I have now given him Rei-ki II more potently, and since then the Candida rash has lessened, the chest problems subsided, and he comments that he feels 110% better.

Office Help #2


Lino Scialo, London, UK

My workmates celebrated my departure for a new job with champagne ... and the next morning, my hangover was pitiful. I could barely move, and I had to attend a very important family gathering. There was no begging off possible, and no known hangover cure was effective! Then I thought of rei-ki.

After a peaceful hour of giving myself rei-ki, I felt alert and well enough to drive 20 miles in summer heat to the festivities. Rei-ki is marvelous in many respects, but a hangover cure too!!!

Office Help #3


Kiril Hadjiev, London, UK

After a tiring working week, I went to bed on Friday night with a slightly unsettled stomach. Saturday I was violently ill with a gastric bug and was not able to keep down any food or drink, and was so weak I could not lift an arm. The usual medications had no effect, and then I thought of rei-ki.

As soon as I put my hands on, I had a soothing feeling and instant energy flow over my abdomen. Fifteen minutes later I was able to drink warm water, and after half an hour, to eat slowly. Within three hours I felt as good as new. Thank you rei-ki.

Honouring Beth Gray


Beth Gray turns 89 on April 11, 2007. Advanced level rei-ki folk are invited to send distant healing rei-ki for Beth, or please send airmail cards to:

San Carlos Elms,
707 Elm Street,
San Carlos, CA 94070 USA.